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Every Tuesday, I have an online discussion for an ethics class I'm taking. I enjoy this class more than I realized I would, and now I wish I'd have taken the course on campus rather than online. The discussion revolves mainly around business ethics, but in the times of George W Bush and Enron, I usually find a connection to current political events in our topics. Let's take today's discussion as an example. We talked about corporations auditing their ethics practices on a regular basis and ways to ensure ethical behavior.

I'm sure you can imagine a million ways this relates to Enron, Tyco, or Wal-Mart, but how does it relate to the current Administration? Simple. Bush takes no responsibility for anything that happens on his watch. The war in Iraq, that was Saddam's fault...The economy, Bush blames 9/11. Oh! And Bill Clinton...The outing of a CIA agent, couldn't have been Bush's people...I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Why should anyone in the lower ranks of the administration concern themselves with accountability if the Commander-in-Chief himself doesn't have to? Seriously!?!

The St. Louis debate was a prime example. Bush was asked to list 3 mistakes he's made. Just 3. I can count that many in one week! But he couldn't come up with a single one. Instead he waffled around the answer, said he made a few appointment mistakes, but wouldn't name names. How sad. That's twice now he's had the opportunity to come clean to the nation and he's balked.

It's time Dubya is held accountable for his record. I urge everyone to go to the polls and vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Send the cowboy back to his ranch. We need someone with a moral compass, not another corporate weasel who wants to run the government like his buddy Ken Lay from Enron.

If you haven't already registered, the time is likely past...A few states still allow registration though. Find out here

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