April 20, 2005

Poor Jane Fonda

Filed by Bil Browning | April 20, 2005 | 11:23 PM | comments

Seems some bastard decided to spit tobacco juice in her face during her recent book tour. He just couldn't get over her anti-war protests during the Vietnam War. The creep told the Kansas City Star: "It was absolutely worth...Read More


Quote of the Day

Filed by Ed Team | April 20, 2005 | 4:35 PM | comments

"The fly cannot be driven away by getting angry at it." --African proverb...Read More

The good and the bad...

Filed by Jerame Davis | April 20, 2005 | 12:19 AM | comments

So the Catholics have a new pope. A new pope that's just as, or more, conservative than the last one. Great. Just what the world needs...More conservatism. But there is good news elsewhere! The Washington Post reports today that...Read More