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Back home again in discrimination

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The city-county council rejected the updated human rights ordinance that would have added sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes. 18-12, councilors believed that the right to discriminate and harass ranked higher than protecting against bigotry and hate.

Why? Eric Miller and his propaganda machine went to work and the gay community didn't. Emails and phone calls from all over the state flooded the councilors offices from action alerts issued by Advance America, while local queers apparently decided to go get a latte instead...

Automatically, in certain circles the finger-pointing began. The blame was spread over current GLBT groups, individuals and the community at-large. The problem with this blame game is that it reminds me of a circle jerk. It's fun for a little while for everyone, but woe to the person who has to clean up afterwards.

Looking for someone to blame? Then I suggest that you e-mail the following councilors who voted against the amendment. After all, they are the true cause of our discomfort and anger.

Patrice Abduallah, D
Philip Borst, R
James Bradford, R
Virginia Cain, R
Bob Cockrum, R
Susie Day, R
Sherron Franklin, D
Ron Gibson, D
Lance Langsford, R
Lynn McWhirter, R
Mary Moriarty Adams, D
Marilyn Pfisterer, R
Lincoln Plowman, R
Isaac Randolph, R
Earl Salisbury, R
Scott Schneider, R
Mike Speedy, R
Steve Talley, D

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DATE: 4/29/2005 01:37:15 PM

We're in complete agreement: the finger-pointing is tired and sickening.