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IA Sen. Pat Ward, MIPA (Marriage Inequality Perpetuation Amendment), & DenialOMA

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One thing's become clearer and clearer as the Marriage Inequality Perpetuation Amendment (MIPA) and Denial Of Marriage Act (DOMA) battles have raged on: We're not being taken seriously. We're seen as expendable pawns -- lesser beings either to be theocratically dominated or inconsequential ones whose nuclear families are not much more than a figment of our imagination and thus appropriate toys in partisan gamesmanship. Apparently we do not bleed, do not equivalently love, do not have the same need to use civil marriage to bring order and consistency to our lives, and our children and their needs normally covered by their parents' marriages are irrelevant. I've been testing the waters to see what it would take to break through an average case of legislator denial, going far beyond where I ordinarily tread as a lobbyist but still only have barely made a dent. Read my latest attempt, a rather heated exchange I've been having with my Iowa State Senator, Pat Ward, on the Julien's List blog.

Appended to it is a comment of mine that includes a letter written by one of my more articulate Hemings cousins, Jill Sim. Jill is oft-published, writing most often on African-slave-heritaged people who passed in 19th and early 20th century America or those who otherwise had a foothold in white American (mostly Southern) society. Her personal and historical perspective shines through in her response to Senator Ward -- telling the truth that all oppression is connected and that Senator Ward is perpetuating that in no uncertain terms. Here's a tiny bit of what Jill had to say:

"In this country individual liberties are dominoes. Once the dominoes fall for a certain section of our population, it's only a matter of time before they fall for all. This is what gay rights, women's rights, rights for people of color, for religious freedom, are all about. It's the only thing."

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AUTHOR: Bil Browning

DATE: 4/12/2005 06:01:03 PM

I love it that you called down a curse on the senator. Suddenly I feel the need to rent, "Gypsy." *giggles*