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Jesus was a vegetarian

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I was reading Sardonic Bomb's blog today and the part about the hot boy carrying a Bible to work caught my eye. I take my Bible to work some days too (although I take a book to work every day - just not always the Bible). Work is slow in the mornings, and it is a great chance for meditation and prayer.

Then I cruised on over to Kevin's blog and caught his post on fast food. While I freely admit to being the world's worst vegetarian (damn those hamburgers!), I do try to make my food choices as progressively as my day-to-day shopping. (See Wal-Mart Sucks!) I posted a comment to Kevin's blog about how cruel KFC is to their birds and sent him a link to

While at the site (which is run by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) I clicked onto on the coolest site I've seen in a while...

Doesn't it kind of make you wonder? Eric Miller and his religious extremist cohorts like Brian Bosma, Teresa Lubbers, Brandt Hershman and P. Eric Turner have no problem using the Bible to try to defend bigotry and homophobia. But are they vegetarians? Do they only pick and select the biblical laws they want to follow? Divorce, adultery and lying run rampant in our statehouse, but you don't see our Hoosier Taliban calling for laws against those sins... In fact, they voted this year to make divorce easier! Hypocrites! Pharisees!

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