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Some Important Poll Results

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We have not seen them yet, but the Star may (or may not!) within a few days release the results of a poll of a thousand Hoosiers on the topic of an amendment to ban same sex marriage. The participants were asked whether they favored or opposed such an amendment. According to a brief summary reported by Channel 13 on Friday, 53% favored such an amendment and 40% opposed. In my opinion, this is important news for several reasons. First, it is 3 years at least before the people of Indiana would be confronted with such a referendum, and it appears we are starting with a base of support (40%) much larger than we might have imagined. Second, that 40% is recorded as opposing an amendment that bans only same sex marriage. If the question were to be asked of an amendment to ban same sex marriage AND civil union, which is what this amendment actually does, we could find that opposition to such an amendment climbs considerably, and support for such an amendment dropping below 50%. Our job in the next two years is to impress upon the legislature that this amendment is a bad amendment. Our job in the next three years is to impress the same upon the people of Indiana. Based on the evidence of this poll, we may be in a stronger position than we thought.

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AUTHOR: Jerame Davis

DATE: 4/03/2005 02:35:27 AM

Let's hope the Sart publishes this information. It's heartening to know that we're not as far behind as we though.

AUTHOR: Bil Browning

DATE: 4/03/2005 09:51:26 AM

This is good news. I would have thought we'd be farther back in the polls. I guess Eric Miller's "We're going to beat Mississippi!" will be harder than he thinks...

AUTHOR: Jeff Newman

DATE: 4/05/2005 11:12:47 PM

It appears all of the movement on this issue has been in our direction. We can't let up.