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Dennis Kucinich in 2008!

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Dennis Kucinich wrote an open letter to Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean that was posted online at The Nation yesterday.

Seems that Dean gave a speech where he basically said, "We're in Iraq. We'll have to make the best of it. I hope the president succeeds." Some of my favorite parts of Kucinich's letter reads:

"Your performance in the early stages of the primary, and your recent chairmanship of the party, were made possible by many, many progressive and liberal Democrats. It was their hope and expectation that you would prevent the party from repeating its past drift to the Republican-lite center. They hoped that this time the party would not abandon them or its core beliefs again. Yet you say that you hope the President succeeds. With no pressure exerted from the leadership of the Democratic Party, the past threatens to repeat itself in 2006. We may not leave Iraq or our minority status in Washington for a long time to come."
Check it out for yourself. Dennis also has more Insights on Iraq on his website. It's no wonder I voted for this guy in the primary...

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AUTHOR: Marla R. Stevens

DATE: 5/06/2005 09:48:08 AM

Phyllis and I also "stood" for Kucinich (what the process of huddling together with others who support one's chosen candidate is called in the Iowa caucuses). And donated to, and followed the progress of, and made calls for -- and cried in response to reading of his healing actions when meeting a survivor of antigay hate.Dennis is the real deal -- and he's not just been right, he's been proven right again and again.He is a cure for party ennui and Republican-lite miscalculating fear masking as pragmatism.He's also not unelectable -- no matter what the pundits say -- particularly in these polarized times. How many mushmouthed moderates and Barbie-and-Ken slick (but ethics-and-courage challenged) DLC Republicrats do we have to suffer defeats with before we realize that, not only don't we have to constantly 'settle', it's a patently bad idea to avoid offering a clearer choice?