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Freepers Fry Frist: 'Don't Diss DeLay'

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In a classic case of a worm crawling atop a snake to pretend that only one of them crawls around in the dirt, Republican Bill Frist chastised Tom DeLay in a way that has the Freepers calling Frist "the Little Goody Two-Shoes of the Senate."

In commenting on the Terri Schiavo case, DeLay said that the judges who denied the appeals must "answer for their behavior." In a statement clearly crafted to distance himself from DeLay at a time when Frist was having judiciary power grab problems of his own, Frist said: "When we think judicial decisions are outside meanstream American values, we will say so. But we must also be clear that the balance of power among all three branches requires respect -- not retaliation. I won't go along with that."

When DeLay blamed "an arrogant, out-of-control unaccountable judiciary" for Terri Schiavo's death, Frist said, "I believe we have a fair and independent judiciary today. I respect that."

Criticism of Frist by the attack dogs on the extreme right proved that Gingrich history was no fluke -- that attack politicians may attain power but that it is unlikely that they'll retain it long as few of them also have the ability to govern and will instead turn on each other in their insatiable thirst for something to attack: "If you believe that 'we have a fair and independent judiciary today,' you're in the wrong political party. ... quit bad-mouthing Tom DeLay. He ... has been a heck of a lot more effective in the House than you have been in the Senate.

"Bolton and DeLay must be defended -- by all the GOP leadership. If these two fine public servants are driven out of public service by Democratic lies and Republican cowardice -- or worse -- then we need new leaders -- immediately. Tell them you've had enough of their chronic failure to lead this country. Tell them you won't forget or forgive another defeat at the hands of left-wing Democrats. ... We expect them to use the power we gave them or step aside in favor of a stronger, brighter leadership.

"Confirm Bolton NOW! Get the junkyard dogs off DeLay's back NOW!

"Tell Frist to quit running for president in 2008 and do his job in 2005. Remind the party's leaders that people like us stayed home in November of 1992 because we were getting the same weak-kneed, incompetent leadership from the Republican Party. Tell them we can do it again, folks. We can do it again."

To that, all I can say is: Pretty please ... with sugar on top!

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AUTHOR: Bil Browning

DATE: 5/28/2005 02:30:55 PM

Who's the quote at the bottom of the post from? I'm curious to know who thinks Bolten and DeLay need defended from Frist...

AUTHOR: Steph Mineart

DATE: 5/29/2005 09:24:33 AM

That's got to be a Freeper post from some random guy on the Freeper site.I'm thrilled that they're going after each other; I think the filibuster compromise contributed to that. Hee hee.Unfortunately, I think Eric Miller is giggling the same little girl laugh at our community at the moment, which makes me want to circle the wagons even with folks I disagree with at times.