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Governor's Nondiscrimination Policy Reissued

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Governor O'Bannon formally incorported sexual orientation into the state's nondiscrimination policy. Mitch Daniels, while campaigning in 2004, incorporated both sexual orientation and gender identity into his campaign's nondiscrimination policy and pledged to do the same if elected as Governor. Governor Kernan took that step himself before leaving office.

The position of the Daniels Administration as it entered office in 2005 was that all policies of the previous administration remained in force unless specifically revoked. Consequently, Gov. Daniels directed his personnel chief to enforce the existing nondiscrimination policy incorporating sexual orientation and gender identity.

Some concerns have been raised that the policy continuing under Gov. Kernan's signature demonstrated potentially problematic commitment to these aspects of nondiscrimination. Ellen Anderson, President of Stonewall Democrats, in particular, called attention in the press to this concern. The abandonment of an explicit, written pledge of support for nondiscrimination legislation on the part of one Republican office holder in particular, City County Councilman Isaac Randolph, heightened these concerns.

In order to vouchsafe the commitment to nondiscrimination by the Office of the Governor of the State of Indiana in his administration, the Governor's office has indeed now issued the existing policy on Governor Daniels' own letterhead and signed by the Governor.

I urge any who may feel discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity in state employment to pursue the matter through state channels, and to advise me separately so that we may highlight the concern directly to the Governor's office.

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AUTHOR: Jeff Newman

DATE: 5/02/2005 07:18:52 PM

I just posted this to the GayIndy.Org listserv:This community amazes me sometimes. I've seen caustic posts and bombastic diatribes about the alleged failures of glbt "leadership," and accusations of ineffectiveness and inaction by those who have taken leadership roles in the community.Yet here we have a victory right here under our noses that is most obviously the result of efforts by one or more of the above-referenced leaders, and there's nothing. No replies, no comments, no attaboys, no calls for thank you letters to the governor, nothing. Zilch.This is a SIGNED ONE PAGE DOCUMENT SPECIALLY PREPARED BY THE GOVERNOR posted to the State of Indiana website ( http://www.in.gov/jobs/stateemployment/eeo%20statement.pdf ) that specifically spells out non-discrimination in hiring by the state of Indiana based on sexual orientation and gender identity.It comes directly on the heels of a blistering defeat on non-discrimination, but we are sitting here not even acknowledging it and the potential to leverage if for advancement (not to mention the potential for for its use to bitch-slap the City-County Council, the General Assembly, Eric Miller, and all the rest of these idiots). Are we so narrow-mindedly partisan that we can't even accept a victory and use it to our advantage just because it came from a Republican governor?I have to assume that this was primarily the work of Chris Douglas; Chris, I know you aren't on the list at the moment, but perhaps someone will forward this to you. This is absolutely fantastic, you (and anyone else who may have participated) are due big-time kudos, and the governor should hear from each and every one of us with praise for taking this step.And all of the bigots should hear from us with this news as well.Jeff

AUTHOR: Jeff Newman

DATE: 5/02/2005 07:23:25 PM

I should have pointed out that I posted the above after a post from Bil with a glaring subject line "Gov Daniels and non-discrimination" laid there all day without a single comment. I'm coming to believe that at times the Indy GLBT community is its own worst enemy.

AUTHOR: Bil Browning

DATE: 5/02/2005 10:01:46 PM

Isn't it heartening to read that positive steps are happening for our community in Indiana? With all the recent setbacks, the heavy sense of depression and discrimination can be almost overbearing. Thanks for the positive news, Chris! Keep up the good work! I know you had your hand in this! :)

AUTHOR: Marla R. Stevens

DATE: 5/28/2005 09:32:17 AM

Any updates on this, guys? ... Cases resolved using the policy, LTEs, thank you notes written -- anything?