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HateWatch: Carter Clewes & the Laptop Americans

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While I firmly believe that too much proximity to antigay hatemongers is dangerous to my health, I also believe that the old adage, "Know thy enemy" is ignored at my peril. It's important to know what of our news is riling them up and what lies they're telling about it. I'm always open to getting the nasty job of monitoring the dark side done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

One of the loudest and least tasteful [often a good sign of monitoring worthiness] of the Religious Political Extremist [RPE] promoters of the AntiGay Industry is arch-Freeper Carter Clewes who publishes a daily action newsletter called "LapTop America" (from which we could take a few organizing clues but that's another story...). He has his finger on the pulse of his movement and I often get heads-ups from his alerts days or even weeks before our own press catches on to the fact that we're under attack. Here's a typical sample [that I've annotated] from a few weeks ago that still is timely enough to act upon:

Dear Laptop American,

Bloomberg of NYC Wants to Legitimize Homosexual "Marriage" -- Tell Him He Doesn't Have the Authority

The Separation of Powers is a well-cherished tradition in American government. Under the doctrine of separation of powers, judges and executive officers are forbidden to make laws. When the Separation of Powers is flouted, we have tragic consequences. Witness the events in Florida, where an activist judge decided he knew better than the state legislature, tossing out any law that could have protected Terri Schiavo's life. [As usual, Clewes has things ass-backwards, ignoring the rights of Mr. and Mrs. Schiavo to medical privacy and refusal of treatment and our fundamental one of civil marriage equality.]

Unfortunately, the Separation of Powers is under attack again -- this time in New York City.

There, Mayor Bloomberg has decreed that same-sex "marriages" will be recognized and have full legal protection. That means that homosexual couples who were "married" in Canada or Massachusetts can expect to receive the same benefits in New York City as they would in the place where they were "married." [No quotation marks here, Carter, these marriages were lawfully entered into and not -- as much as you'd like them to be -- something other than real.] Insurance, health benefits, pension plans -- they get it all. [Here's what it's really all about for him -- selfishness. He wants to keep the privileges as the special province of his ilk -- to ignore the law and continue, like a red state welfare department dependent on the tax largesse of the blue states, to live the easy life at our expense.]

But wait a minute -- doesn't this fly in the face of New York state law that prohibits unions between same-sex couples? Sure! [Except for one little itty-bitty technicality -- there is no such exclusionary law.] But what's the value of the law when Bloomberg can guarantee the homosexual vote come next election? [Could it be that Bloomberg actually cares about the law and/or doing what's right by his constituents and that this isn't purely political slime? Could it be that the mayor's dances away from marriage recognition were more along the lines of a Texas two-step than this was?]

Mayor Bloomberg has placed himself above the law. As chief executive of New York City, he has the duty to enforce the laws of the city and state. But for the sake of kowtowing to the homosexual community, the mayor has tossed the law out. He cares about one thing now -- political gain. [Clewes shows again that he's an honor graduate of the Joseph Goebbels School of Political Propaganda. He must not have gotten good marks or something because he seems compelled to demonstrate this prowess day after day.]

It's not just New York City, of course. Radical homosexual organizations are on the march even now, trying to overturn centuries of laws prohibiting gay marriage. [I have to wonder what it would take for a gay group not to qualify as "radical" to Clewes ... on second thought, I don't want to go there anymore than I'd want to experience something else gruesomely disgusting like being close enough to hear the sound of hunters' clubs pounding the heads of baby seals.] There's word that in neighboring Connecticut, the state legislature has crumbled in the face of heavy homosexual lobbying. The state body is going to sanctify gay "marriage," in spite of vast opposition from the state populus. [No, they ok'd civil unions -- which are like civil marriage the way segregated water fountains quenched the thirst for justice in the apartheid South. And, for the record, the people there are anything but in "vast" opposition to marriage equality.]

It's time to draw a line in the sand. Today, it starts with New York City.

Action To Take: Call the Office of the Mayor at 212-788-3000. And leave him this message: Tell him that he is NOT above the law. He has no duty, no right to break state law. Remind him that he has sworn to uphold New York law, and that includes the ban on gay "marriage." And tell him to stop kowtowing to the radical homosexual community. [Thanks, Carter, for looking up the phone number. The mayor already knows what the law requires. It's time to thank him for following it in this case.]

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