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Indiana Action Network (IAN) will soon be starting a sticker campaign. We plan to print up several designs and distribute them free to the GLBTS community at Pride and other events. They'll be appropriate for putting on bumpers, cubicle walls, fast food drive-thru windows, signs, or anyplace you can put them to draw attention to our community's needs. Put them on envelopes you mail out across the state and country, decorate your mailbox or front door, businesses can put them in their front window - the possibilities are endless for this PR campaign. The goal is to eventually have these stickers all across the state - so your neighbor, your friends and your family can see that we're not being treated fairly and demand our rights.

That's where you come in. We need two things from the community.

#1 - We need ideas for stickers. Our community is known for it's wit and creativity. Let's put them to good use. Slogans can short, long, funny or dry. We'll choose the top slogans for the first round of printing, so keep those ideas flowing in! Imagine seeing hundreds of your design plastered all over the state for everyone to see! Imagine Eric Miller's conniption fit when he sees gay rights stickers everywhere! So far we've decided on two designs already - one is a simple IAN logo with the website address underneath. The other has a red background with the word BIGOTRY in white letters - perfect for putting on stop signs! What can you come up with?

Please send all sticker suggestions to [email protected] - just put a subject line like "Sticker ideas" on it - or leave a comment below. If you'd like to help with sticker design, printing and distributing, please contact me as well.

#2 - We need money to be able to print thousands of stickers. As previously stated, we'll be giving the stickers away to encourage mass amounts of "stickering." But printing stickers doesn't come free. This is not membership dues or anything like that - it's a simple request for your Starbucks change. :) If everyone who got this email would send us a check for $5, we'd have more than enough to print hundreds and hundreds of stickers. Cut out one chai latte today - and send your check to IAN.

Indiana Action Network
PO Box 20705
Indianapolis, IN 46220

Please make all checks out to Indiana Action Network.

And please forward this message on to your contact list. We need the ideas and we need your money to make this ongoing project a success. Let's get those creative juices flowing!

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AUTHOR: paula

DATE: 5/12/2005 07:28:17 PM

I don't know about stickers or designs, but I do like the concept of this .