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Filed By Jerame Davis | May 10, 2005 3:02 AM | comments

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Well, it seems there is a new piece of evidence moving us ever closer to answering whether queerness is biological/genetic or learned/psychological behavior. A new study, conducted by Swedish scientists, indicates that gay men react to body odor smells in the same way as females. It seems that when exposed to the smell of man-sweat, gay men have a similar response to straight females...That is, they get all hot and bothered! Straight men, on the other hand, get all sexed-up over girl-pee. YUCK!

Let me say that again...YUCK!! (OK, I'm done now)

While this is by no means a definitive answer to the ultimate question of whether gayness is genetic or learned behavior, it certainly points to the former rather than the latter. The scientists conceded that such a response could be a learned behavior, however, it seems reasonable to me that the results would have been more mixed if this were the case. In other words, if it were a learned behavior, the gay men would have reacted to both man-sweat AND girl-pee, not just man-sweat. Or, at least, there wouldn't be a less than clear response...It just seems a little bizarre to think that every gay man they tested would have been so gay for so long that they had changed a natural response to stimuli so completely.

Unfortunately, the study didn't test lesbian stimuli to the same compounds, but I'm hoping they will do a follow-up study soon to confirm the results and expand the study to determine why this interesting response occurs.

Whatever the case, this is definitely good news for gay men. First it was the possibility of finding the "gay gene", now there is definitive proof of different biological responses to pheremones. Of course, none of this is going to be good enough for the religious zealots out there. Without a divine decree from above, delivered by Jesus himelf, the "religious-reprogrammers" will almost certainly dismiss this latest evidence as false. *sigh*

But remember...These are people with the same mindset as those who persecuted Galileo for proving the Earth was round and revolved around the sun. They didn't apologize to him until 1992...It only took 400 years in his case!

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