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What is wrong with the man?

Filed By Bil Browning | May 26, 2005 12:58 AM | comments

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So Bush is threatening to finally use his veto stamp if Congress overturns his ban on most stem-cell research. As this article points out:
By threatening the first veto of his presidency (that's correct, no president in history has been nearly so docile in confronting congressional excess), Bush has demonstrated that he is so unyielding in his pro-life commitment that he comes across as good buddies with the Grim Reaper. As Jo Ann Emerson, an anti-abortion Missouri Republican who was among the 50 GOP House members to bolt the party line on the stem-cell vote, put it, "Who can say that prolonging a life is not pro-life?"
This is the man who wants to save heterosexuals' marriages by forbidding GLBT folk from publicly celebrating their partnerships with loved ones. This is the president who's "No Child Left Behind" program left kids behind. This is the man who put the governor of the most polluted state in the nation in place as the steward of the environment. Who nominates a man who's publicly stated the UN should be a tool of the US as ambassador to the UN. I'll bet his feet smell and his nose runs too.

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