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You can get further behind by just standing still when others are moving forward...

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Here's more evidence that the Midwest is less evolved queer-rights-wise than the Deep South -- and more proof that it's not Congress but state and local governments that're where the action is. After all, truisms like "All politics is local" don't become truisms for nothing!

Congratulations to the people of Charlotte, N.C. and their county.

NOTE to Ginny and the rest of the bipartisan theocrat caucus of the Indianapolis/Marion County City-County Council: North Carolina has beaucoup fundies yet their biggest county gets it that you don't bring people to Christ by starving them, denying them shelter, or by other uncharitable, unneighborly, and inhospitable behavior Christ would be less than thrilled about. What's wrong with you that you think Christianity is best communicated or defended by being mean, ugly, unkind, and unfair?

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AUTHOR: Bil Browning

DATE: 5/19/2005 03:01:52 PM

We had to deal with the state of North Carolina when we were dealing with custody issues with our daughter. Her mom lived in North Carolina. They were a HELL of a lot more progessive than Indiana. Indiana wasn't too hip on giving two gay men custody. North Carolina didn't have any qualms.