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After the Bosma protest

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We just got home from the Bosma protest. About 100-150 people came out to chase away Republican legislators and lobbyists from Bosma's Beer Bash For Cash.

As the attendees showed up, they were greeted with cries of "SHAME!" and "Don't support bigotry!" Several state legislators were announced by name over the megaphone. Representative Espich was asked, "You don't support bigotry do you, Sir?" His reply? "I sure do!" He wouldn't stop and talk or take any literature or stickers. Hell, even Woody Burton took a "Stop Bigotry" sticker...

One woman going into the fundraiser for Bosma's campaign engaged a few protestors to find out why we were there. She turned around and left. Attendance at the beer bash was low. Bosma never had more than 50 people at a time -- and according to inside sources had staffed for 500. I've been told that Bosma was red-faced and beating his fist on a table at one point during the night. He raised a significantly lower amount of funds for his war chest than he was expecting.

The IAN fundraiser (which I was tasked with), however, was a success. Being on the side of justice meant that we didn't have protestors outside of our shindig... Approximately 50 people attended - including Democratic State Rep. David Orentlicher. When it started to rain, everyone just migrated from the patio to inside the restaurant. Kathy at Aesop's Tables was a gracious hostess and we raised over $300.

With Pride finished and the protest and fundraiser over, the stress level here at home will diminish. It'll be nice to see Jerame without having to ask, "Did you get everything done? What do you still need help with? What are we forgetting?" *grins* Several people did a lot of hard work to help cut off some of Bosma's money flow tonight - and it worked quite well. Maybe this means that his next fundraiser -- the one on the golf course -- should have a kiss-in too?

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