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Kucinich and Colleagues Introduce Bipartisan Homeward Bound Act

Dennis Kucinich and a bipartisan group of Representatives on June 16 introduced House Joint Resolution 55, the Homeward Bound Act, calling for a plan and timeline to be established for U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. The Bill reflects the rising tide of discontent among Americans about the U.S. occupation of Iraq, whether or not they supported the war initially. In the last two weeks, due in part to continuing U.S. casualties, the huge cost of the war, the release of the Downing Street Minutes, publicity surrounding this Bill's bipartisan support and opinion polls showing widespread disapproval of President Bush's handling of the war in Iraq, a majority of Americans have begun to ask what our goals are and to call for U.S. withdrawal. Read about the Homeward Bound Act here.

President Continues to Attempt to Tie Iraq Occupation to Terrorists and 9/11

Responding to growing public outcry and increasing media attention to the mess the American invasion has created in Iraq, President Bush last night in his address to the nation attempted to continue to tie the U.S. mission in Iraq to terrorists. Despite no substantial connection between Iraq and 9/11, finding no weapons of mass destruction, having captured Saddam Hussein, and having conducted elections and installed a new government - given as the reasons for the invasion - the President expressed unwillingness to move toward bringing the occupation to a close.

The Homeward Bound Act provides a critical rallying point for focusing congressional and public attention on the continuing U.S. presence, casting light on the range of motivations - spoken and unspoken - why the Administration continues to send American troops into battle with Iraqis, and ultimately creating the necessary outcry from the people and mandate from Congress to end this war.

Make Your Voice Heard!

Your Representative and members of the congressional committees with whom this legislation now lies need to hear from you. Action items and talking points are online here.

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