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So today was the big Pride festival here in Indianapolis. We got up early after going to bed very late. We worked the crowd all day long from our booth - handing out stickers and fliers about the Bosma protest June 13th. My feet hurt and I'm tired. By the end of the night, I was starting to get a little grumpy...

And then I come home to see this story.

More than 2,000 people defied a ban on a gay-rights rally in Poland's capital, taking to the streets of Warsaw on Saturday against the orders of the city's conservative mayor.

"Homosexuals in Poland are still treated as deviants, pedophiles," said Paulina Pilch, a 31-year-old lawyer among those demonstrating.

Some 200 opponents of the rally, including young supporters of the nationalist Polish Families League, threw eggs and stones at marchers and shouted anti-gay slogans.

...and suddenly my day doesn't seem quite so stressful. What's the worst that happens? We didn't make as much money as I'd hoped we would? At least no one threw stones at us. The Pride parade had a marching band this year even! Drag queens and go-go boys danced down the main streets of our city in broad daylight. The mayor and the governor had welcomes in the Pride Guide. Hell, the mayor of Warsaw forbid the queers there from having a gathering!

Maybe you just have to walk in someone else's shoes before you can completely sympathize. But sometimes when the gossip and backbiting that happens in our community gets to be overwhelming - remember that no one threw rocks and we were allowed to assemble peacefully.

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AUTHOR: Marla R. Stevens

DATE: 6/12/2005 06:15:15 AM

Thanks for the reminder.When I say that I do this work for me, it includes the able-to-look-myself-in-the-mirror things and the I-want-to-live-in-a-better-world things like this.-- Marla