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You ever have one of those days/weeks/months??

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Okay, so here's the crappy stuff that's been going on for me lately. I'm gonna just get this all out... and let the healing, catharsis, whatever begin... (sorry, this one will be long)

I've got this project at work that just won't f-ing die. (Am I allowed to cuss on this blog?) It has been going on since November last year. It originally was supposed to implement (web application for a client, a major corporation -- I won't say their name, but suffice to say their crappy sales figures have recently had them in the news with reports that they will be cutting 25,000 jobs)... anywhooo... this project I have is cool, don't get me wrong, but it is taking forever and some of the members of my team are well, let's just say, difficult to work with.

I am stressed by the environment and some of the people... and then we have UAT (that's user acceptance testing) of the app about a month ago. 3 f-ing days in a room with the difficult-to-work-with folks... criticizing the app and asking for stupid crap that browsers just don't even do (I hate dealing with users). Okay, so 3 days of this crap are coming to a close.

I've meticulously logged over 110 'issues' they have found in this spreadsheet (and I use the term 'issue' loosely. The majority of what they found had nothing whatsoever to do with our application... it had to do with bad data that they provided in the first place! But I'm not bitter....) So anway, I logged these things, so that my develpment team and I can hop to it and get as many resolved as possible before we have to promote code (like 2 days later).

Only problem is... it's 4:30 PM on a Friday and my stupid-a** SysAdmin decides he wants to do some server maintenance DURING THE Friggin' work day and takes down the server I'm working on -- without notifying me ahead of time or even right when he did it. Mind you this is not an emergency, just basic maintenance.

Needless to say, I about lose it. My computer is freezing up just as I'm about to save the precious spreadsheet of logged issues from our client. I hunt the stupid-a** SysAdmin down to find out what the problem is... he's chatting it up with several coworkers, just hangin' out having a good ole' time while I've been cooped up with the users from he** for the last three days.

I say, "What's up with the server?"

To which he replies, "Well it's not back up yet."

"Why is it down?" I respond...

"Well we had this maintenance to do... I went around and told people..."

I'm like: "YOU DIDN'T TELL ME!!"

Then, he said something ignorant to a person that has been putting in 60-hour weeks for 4 weeks straight:

"It's 4:30 on a Friday. I figured everyone was done working."

I mean... seriously, I am about to lose it at work. I kid you not. I'm about to rip this guy a new a-hole. I see that my other coworkers are actually scared of me... so I walk away to calm down. I am livid. I come back in after throwing a little tantrum in the back room (for which in hindsight I'm very ashamed of doing but at the time it was either tear into that chair or kill my coworker).

I tell our boss, that this is unacceptable, that server maintenance should not be done during the day, that we are at high risk of losing data that was collected in real time with clients over the course of three days and that could be very damaging to our position not to mention be a collossal waste of time for all of us.

Then the guy who took the server down starts yelling at me from two cubicles away. Cause he's pissed that I'm talking to our boss about this stuff. I can't believe it. I have to leave the room cause I actually get a little bit scared of the guy.

Suffice it to say, I end up bawling my eyes out later that night. I've been under such a tremendous amount of stress that I can't believe I ended up in a shouting match at work like that with a coworker. I cry for about an hour and a half -- some at work (after everyone left) then also at home. (B was quite sweet and patient with me through it all btw)

At some point in this whole mess, I blow my nose. It hurts really bad.

I hurt my ear. It gets stuffed up and I start hearing a ringing sound.


Well, this is May 20th... the Friday night that Dr. Long is closing his practice... my doc. And of course, I haven't gotten my butt in gear yet to get my records or get a new doc. *ugh*

I end up with a massive ear infection that will not go away. I mean over the weekend it just got worse. I go to immediate care Monday moring. They give me antibiotics which give me a friggin' yeast infection (is that TMI?) and do nothing about fixing the ear.

And to make matters worse, I am pretty dizzy, cannot hear out of the one ear, or really seem to balance myself very well. Needless to say, I'm not thinking straight. I go to the Immediate Care place, pay the exhorbitant co-pay, go next door to CVS, and pay for the meds... fill up my tank... all using my debit card, then go back to work for yet another guelling day of code fix. (*yay* me!!)

Oh, did I mention that last Friday was payday and after my little freak out... my boss (apparently) was too scared to come by and drop off my paycheck??? and so I didn't get my paycheck until the next week and so I bounced all three of those purchases I made while dizzy and disoriented attempting to get my ear taken care of???

Well, $90 dollars in overdraft fees later, I sure learned my lesson. When you're sick and delirious... pay with a credit card. Screw the debit card. It's just gonna get you in trouble.

I wish I could say my month started looking up after that, but it didn't.

I then find out that my users want to delay (again) GO LIVE (that's what we call it when we are about to launch a new web application) another week so they can do another round of formal UAT (that means 3 more days in a room with them). I literally think I have PTSD symptoms from the first round, so I'm not looking forward to this.

And .... wouldn't you know that postponing another week puts GO LIVE on the same weekend as Pride... yep, this Saturday night starting at 10:45 PM CDT (that's central daylight time for all you hoosiers still trying to get your head around the idea that we may actually have to start changing our clocks in the spring and fall) I have to be head-in-the-game ready to implement a major web app to servers in Toronto, CANADA remotely, coordinating with a team in Indy and in New Jersey via web conference, phone, and email.

Yeah, right.

Any of y'all ever been to Pride? Is it the most exhausting day ever, or what? Especially when you are responsible for helping get materials to 4 different booths and people are constantly tasking you... I just don't see how this is all going to go down this weekend. To quote Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon 2 and/or 3... "I'm gettin' too old for this sh**!"

Okay but back to last week. We're in the middle of UAT2 (second round of user acceptance testing with my favorite users).

Thursday night... my beloved cat, China, starts having respiratory distress. We had to take her into the vet at 10:30 at night. She was breathing really labored and I knew it was likely the end for her. I've had her for 12 and half years. She is adorable. After a ride across town to Noah's where she lay on my chest as I reclined in the passenger seat, we were able to give her a moment's reprieve from the labored breathing.

They gave her oxygen while we contemplated the euthenasia methods and the aftermath, how to deal with her remains.

(We chose cremation with a simple redwood box to hold her ashes until we can bury them in the backyard with a nice bush to plant over them). After the paperwork was signed, the doc let us hold her and say our goodbye's, then he gave her the shots...

We were there til the end... she died very peacefully.

I miss her. I feel guilty that she died (of cancer that started from a vaccination site) from something that we gave her.

I cried and cried over that too.

But had to be careful cause... by now (yes I still have the ear infection 15 days later)

... my ear drum has burst.

I am now taking twice the antibiotic... my new doc has boosted that and given me this excellent drug:

Diflucan... okay: message to all doctors... this should always be given to women who have to take antibiotics. it's a no-brainer. do you think we actually like to eat a gallon of yogurt every time you give us a round of antibiotics... *duh*

That has relieved the secondary infection the last round of antibiotics caused. (Oh... and my new doc is also 'in the community' ... remind me to tell y'all about the total surrealness of having to tell your gay male clinician that you have a yeast infection... it was the weirdest little game of charades I ever played. I swear we were telepathically communicating cause he never asked directly and I never told him... but damn am I grateful he gave me those drugs :-)

And to make all matters worse... B had to leave town two days after China died... for a week. We are glued at the hip as most people who know us can attest, so on a good week, this would have been hard for me to take, but with all else that was going on... this was pretty much devastating.... so he did what any good husband would do... he called in reinforcements.

My back-up husband, as we refer to E. took me out Saturday and Wednesday nights this week. So I'm surviving. But I want B to come home. I miss him and I need him.

Oh, and I'm sick of putting all this Pride stuff together by myself! :-)

I have to go pick him up at the airport Friday night at 10:3o PM, so he is totally useless as far as Pride planning goes. Anyways, I still want him home.

The bright light at the end of this tunnel is... my doc says I will likely have a full recovery of my hearing in my right ear (it may just take a month or two) and ... we got a new kitty... full of pee and vinegar. Cutie pie who was high-risk for being put to sleep at the humane society for being too aggressive when playing (he likes to bite sometimes -- but not break the skin).

They wouldn't let him go to a home where children under 7 were present.

See, there's another reason why queer couples without children are good for society! We can save the high-risk kitties from an untimely death!

Oh and my coworker and me even made a separate peace with one another. Now just if my existing kitties would quit hissing at the new one and accept him... we'd be all set.

Thanks for indulging that vent. See, I'm feeling better already!

(and I have to admit even with all that going on... bil's right... it's still better than being killed by a tree in your own bed).


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