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Environmental Protections: As a judge, Roberts suggested in a dissent that the Endangered Species Act was unconstitutional as applied to a California development case.

Veteran Protections: Roberts argued American POWs tortured in Iraq during the Gulf War should not be able to utilize federal courts to pursue their claims.

Excessive Arrest Procedures: Roberts ruled against a 12-year old girl who was handcuffed, arrested and taken away by police for eating a single French fry on the D.C. Metro, even though an adult would only have gotten a paper citation in that situation.

References to cases involving opposition to busing and affirmative action are also on reputable groups' websites.

What this all says is that the next twenty-four hours are crucial. It will take lots of digging and probing and serious questions with serious answers to get to the real Judge John G. Roberts, Jr. -- and the next twenty-four hours will tell the Senate whether the people will hold them to that standard or whether it'll be allowed to just rubber stamp the nomination.

In the next twenty-four hours, the administration will be pressuring Senators to make up their minds -- before their staff members can do the necessary background work and before the first question in a confirmation hearing is even asked -- like encouraging to make up their minds before the evidence is presented and like asking the judge to rush over the trial because the jury's votes are already set in stone.

If the threat of taking away the protection for Big Bird can produce enough quick response to make the legis-boys-and-girls take notice, isn't the threat of taking away the protection for real birds -- not to mention real people -- worth the same?

A quick, overwhelming public response can make the Senate slow the rush to confirmation. Don't let the senators throw their duty away. Ask them to wait to make up their minds -- at least until all the facts are in -- and to make sure the facts are fully aired. Call your senators as soon as possible, then follow up in writing. It's your rights that are at stake.

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