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Say what you will about the Patriot Act, at least here in the United States we're not being put on the "gay list" by the secret police. is reporting on three German states who are keeping records of every gay person they've come in contact with - either as a witness, suspect or victim. The lists are even subcatagorized by group affiliation, sexual practices, and meeting places. Can anyone say, "Nazis?" Oh, wait - someone does:
Volker Beck, who often speaks out on subjects of concern to the LGBT community says it conjures up memories of the country's Nazi past.

"[It] brings up unpleasant memories of old police practices such as the keeping of 'pink lists,'" Volker said in a letter to the interior ministers of the three states.

The "pink lists" were kept by the Nazis of all suspected gays and used to persecute them.

The Nazis required "sexual deviants" to wear the pink triangle.

Under Paragraph 175 of the German penal code, which banned sexual intimacy between members of the same gender, an untold number of gays were rounded up by the Nazis and send to concentration camps where they were subjected to medical experiments including lobotomies, and forced to work in labor camps.

The number of gays sent to the camps ranges from 5,000 to 15,000, many of them sent to the gas chambers.

Paragraph 175 was struck from the books in 1994.

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AUTHOR: The Quotable Queer

DATE: 7/27/2005 12:55:15 AM

We are heading for a new time of killing those in the minority or those out of power. This is a sign of things to come. Unfortunately, those things are not positive for us or for the rest of the world.