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Old News Exposes RePEr* Lie

Filed By Marla R. Stevens | July 11, 2005 5:53 AM | comments

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Regarding the IndyStar Pride article:

Abe Amidor is a reporter of unusual quality, thoroughness, and dedication to high professional standards. The community was lucky to have him assigned to the story.

One bit, however, caught my eye:

Rights or favoritism?
Micah Clark is Indiana executive director of the American
Family Association, which describes itself as pro-family and
supporting biblical values.

"A lot of people are saying, 'Hey, we get tired of having this
shoved in our face,' " Clark said. "Everywhere we look there's
something about gay rights. I'm not saying they can't do
what they want to in their bedroom; I just don't want to
know about it."

Beyond my usual retort to such demands (I refuse to be a liar to accommodate bigots' desires to live a comfortable fiction of my nonexistence), one thing's clear: Micah is such a liar! He and AFA-IN haven't been satisfied with mere benign willful blindness. They've actively supported Rep. Woody Burton's failed attempts to reinstate a law prohibiting consensual sodomy in private. Frankly, I'm surprised that someone usually as careful in covering his tracks as Micah would make such an easily-proven-false gaff in a feature story in a large-circulation daily paper.

Micah should deal with his own problems of an unhappy maladjustment to having a gay close family member who suffered from a sad case of ego-dystonic homosexuality and leave our families alone. After all, since when is the blatant, intentional violation of one of the Ten Commandments consistent with "supporting biblical values"?!?

Micah is a chivalrous, polite, friendly, sometimes funny, and generally helpful sort of person at heart. If truth be known (and taking him at his word), Micah is one of those rare heterosexuals who makes my gaydar sound off -- loudly. If he wasn't so bent on oppressing women and gay people, he wouldn't be a bad fellow at all. Therefore this recent departure from his ordinarily more cautious adherence to accuracy as he perceives the facts to be, however erroneous he often is due to reliance on the unprofessionally unreliable so-called 'reparative therapy' pseudo-scientists, may indicate cause for personal concern on his behalf. Has the pressure of leadership of a hate movement become too much for my old adversary? Is Micah heading for a meltdown?

*RePEr: [rhymes with Freeper] Informal reference to a Religious Political Extremist (RPE).

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AUTHOR: bilerico

DATE: 7/11/2005 08:35:27 AM

Yeah, I've heard the stories about Micah's queer in the woodpile before. His dad would be so ashamed of the man he's (not) turned out to be. I know my dad may not be too happy with my being gay - but he also taught me never to pick on others and not to spread lies. Apparently Micah missed those lessons...