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Roberts and the Federalist Society Revisited

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It seems that the Washington Post article Chris gave us with that fishy quote where the administration source says Roberts "has no recollection" regarding the question of his Federalist Society membership was not the end of the story.

Today I found an Associated Press piece reporting that the Washington Post has dug a bit deeper, finding that Roberts is listed in a 1997-98 leadership directory of the Federalist Society as a member of its D.C. steering committee. Roberts is now "declining" to answer questions on the subject. Usual suspects on the far right are suddenly crawling all over themselves trying to say that Federalist Society membership doesn't mean anything and trying to paint the group as not having an ideological bent, much less an actual agenda.

Roberts was "asked by a reporter about the discrepancy during a morning get-acquainted meeting with Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.

"He smiled but didn't reply."

Sen. Feinstein, after her meeting with him said, "he said he can't remember."

Now it could be that he was just being coy or it could be that he can't deny it without lying and is leaving the lying to those who have lots of practice and no scruples. But as long as the question remains unanswered from his lips, it's a big red flag beyond which his confirmation process ought not advance.

At the very least, criticism of groups like the Alliance for Justice, individuals on both ends of the political spectrum, and significant voices of the mainstream press for reporting him to be a member is meritless and the reliable remain just that.

Buckle your seatbelts...

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AUTHOR: The Quotable Queer

DATE: 7/26/2005 07:32:47 AM

Marla, thank you for bringing this to light . . . as I wrote in my last comment on this subject, it most probably is a ploy to distance himself from the Federalist Society . . . the thing about sponging away your past is that it's difficult to get all of it washed away!

AUTHOR: Marla R. Stevens

DATE: 7/29/2005 01:58:39 AM

I encourage you to read a more detailed version on Gary Welch's Advance Indiana blog.