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Roberts not a member of the Federalist Society

Filed By Ed Team | July 22, 2005 11:48 AM | comments

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Apparently, Roberts was never a member of the Federalist Society. More info here

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AUTHOR: Marla R. Stevens

DATE: 7/22/2005 01:29:00 PM

It's the original stealth move, as the Washington Post article points out, not to mention that, as he's been ruling like one, lack of formal membership hardly matters.Besides, his other affiliation, which nobody is denying, is damning enough.

AUTHOR: Marla R. Stevens

DATE: 7/22/2005 01:31:15 PM

I wouldn't put it past any of these suckers to lie about it, including under oath to Congress.They've done that already -- and worse.

AUTHOR: Anonymous

DATE: 7/22/2005 03:03:07 PM

He admits that he has spoken at a number of their forums in the past. Everyone assumed he was a member of the organization, including active members. It is interesting that he hasn't bothered to clear up past reports that he was a member; not until he sees how it is being used to define him as he sought to distance himself from the group. I suspect many Federalist Society members are offended since he has been such an active participant in the past.Gary Welsh