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As you might know, I work part-time at a watch store. Some really cool timepieces have come out recently that I'd love to own. (Hey, I was happy to get the job just for the discount!)

Tissot has a really cool orange and black sports watch that I keep drooling over. We had it in stock, but it was stolen a few weekends ago. If we have another "employee appreciation sale" when it's in stock, I'll probably try to talk Jerame into getting it for me.

Skagen is one of my favorite companies. I own two of them, and I always tell my customers, "Skagen watches are like tattoos. Once you get one, you'll have to get another and another." They have a lifetime warranty and are reasonably priced as well. Most are around the $100 mark. A Danish company, they not only make watches, but also have a home & office collection and an eyewear division.

Diesel is another one of my top picks. This brown digital number with a green face has been on my "must have" list since I started the job. Unfortunately, we don't carry it anymore. I only have one Diesel right now, but it's one of my favorite watches; Jerame and I take turns wearing it.

I always find it interesting to guess what's the customer's style will be. Will they be all about the simple, classical designs or will they go trendy? Square face or round? Gold or silver? Leather, rubber or metal band? One of the best parts of my job is seeing someone's eyes light up when I show them something that I think they should look at - something they would never have chosen themselves.

So what about you, faithful readers? When was the last time you bought a watch? What brand was it? What made you pick it out?

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AUTHOR: Tracy Elliott

DATE: 7/07/2005 10:09:51 AM

I LOVE watches. I have a Tag Haur, two Movados, a Skagen, a Seiko, and some cool cheapies that are orange and blue. One of my few totally materialistic dreams is to own a Rolex. When I was in banking and making lots of money, that was my next big purchase. Now I'm not makng lots of money, so it's just a silly capitalistic fantasy, but, hey, I'm a capitalist!

AUTHOR: Marla R. Stevens

DATE: 7/09/2005 05:38:05 AM

Is the love of watches the secret attraction that drew this diverse group to blog together?I became a watch freak the instant my favorite grandmother presented me with a lovely Swiss watch set with a dozen interchangeable cases and bands in utterly lovely colors of enamels with the shimmery depth of a Faberge egg and leathers of an unusual combination of strength and buttery softness.Piaget's jeweled elegance always gave me that sense of being "finished" when wrapped over a long white glove for a captain's dinner on the QEII.Baume & Mercier's extremely reliable (even when off in the wilderness for longer than a battery would last) Bidynator automatic movement with moonphase and full calendar kept me feeling in touch with the passage of time through space in a way that soothed my Wiccan need for such connections.An Elgin from my grandmother's collection dating from the Art Deco period with its nickel Roman numerals rising through a border of black enamel evoking an era of top hats and twice-a-year trips to New York to have the season's gowns made with swatches of the material sent over to the then-new Sherman company to have long Fantasia cigarettes dyed to match -- ready for a gold and mother of pearl holder to make them appear even longer and establish her personal space so that her ensemble and personal charm would never be hidden in a crowd.My modern favorites include two Skagens, identical except that one is silver-toned and the other gold-toned, chosen after a long search to find the perfect combination of thin case, mesh band, and perfection of circle with the band holder detracting from that as little as possible, with the numerals easily readable and just-so in style. I fell in love at first sight. They subtly state, "Serious player," when worn to a capitol building -- never a bad thing.Then there's my latest -- a Swiss Army watch with weathered bronze case and sturdy oiled leather band -- a favorite for my off-hours or for venturing into tough, dangerous places.And, my current "play" timepiece -- a Tigger fob electronic chronograph that has so many functions I swear it could almost make dinner -- and make me giggle at the same time.Oh, yeah, I'm a watch freak!