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Another case of animal collecting

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There was another story on the about animal collecting this weekend. While I know that this phenomenon isn't peculiar to Hoosiers, it sure as hell does seem like it happens here an awful lot. When we get the new design up and running, all the posts will have "topics" that they'll be categorized under. I think I'll make "animal collecting" a category - just to see how many stories accumulate and how quickly they come in.
Twenty dogs and three cats - some in poor condition - were confiscated Friday from an Indianapolis home connected to a couple who already had been arrested on neglect charges because of conditions at another residence, authorities said.

Authorities said Dennis A. Hatcher, 25, and Michele L. Hatcher, 31, were in the process of moving from a rented residence near Avon to the Indianapolis home, located on the 8600 block of Spring Valley Lane.

The Hatchers were arrested in Hendricks County on Thursday after officers found the carcasses of eight dogs and one cat on their Avon-area rental property and animal feces throughout that home, police said.

On Thursday night, police learned that animals could be at the Indianapolis home. Authorities obtained a search warrant, and on Friday, animal control officers found 23 animals there, RTV6's Jeremy Brilliant reported.

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DATE: 8/23/2005 08:05:33 AM

"Animal hoarders—once described as “collectors” whose good intentions had gone awry—are now recognized as individuals whose mental illness or compulsion can cause criminal behavior with horrific consequences for animals, the hoarders’ families, and their communities." You can read more about this at:

AUTHOR: bilerico

DATE: 8/23/2005 11:27:28 PM

I know this is a verified illness, but it still seems to happen often around Indianapolis. It just seems like a higher percentage of the cases around the nation are happening here. And I wonder why that is. What could make these people who obviously have incredible intentions stray so far off of normal that they think they're still doing good for the animals in their care? And why does it happen so often?