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I get asked "What does bilerico mean? And how do you pronounce it?" quite often. I thought today was the appropriate day to answer it.

You see, bilerico is a name I made up.
It used to be just "bileri." My name is Bil. My best friend's name is Eri. (She's Japanese. It's pronounced like "airy") Whenever I would play a computer game that required you to put in a name for your character, I always chose bileri.

Fast forward to about 9 or 10 years ago. I signed up for AOL for the first time and had to choose a screenname. I tried for bileri, but it was already taken! (And, really, who would have taken it? I emailed the guy later and found out that his name was Bil. His wife's name was Eri. Quite a coincidence, eh?) By this time Eri had moved back to Japan. When she lived here, I used to tell her that we should start an import business for all of the cool Japanese consumer goods that you don't find here in America. So I used the name for the imaginary company to sign up for AOL.

bilerico - Bil & Eri's Company

When someone bought me the domain name about 7 years ago, they bought my screen name. And we were off and running...

Eri has come back to Indiana for a brief weekend vacation. Seeing Eri always reminds me how much I miss having her around the house. There to hang out with, to wake up to, to talk and laugh with. She lives in Massachusetts now - so at least she's closer than Japan. Now if I only got to spend more time with her. Jerame and Paige have come to look forward to Eri's visits and love her as much as I do. Our time with Eri each year is vitally important to all of us.

After all, bilerico wouldn't be the same without her. And neither would we.

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DATE: 8/15/2005 02:24:03 AM

Jeez Bil, reading you writing about why you got the name is just like looking back at the time when we started to chat on line. Time flies!Hugz,K.

AUTHOR: Tracy Elliott

DATE: 8/16/2005 08:38:40 AM

Bil,You have inspired my friend J. Humphrey and I to consider starting our own blog: HumpelliottWhat do you think?Tracy