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Canned hunting update

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The Indianapolis Star is reporting that the Indiana Department of Natural Resources has decided to close the loopholes that allow for fenced hunting in Indiana.
The DNR's move followed the high-profile trial of Russ Bellar, a Peru deer farmer who was convicted this year of charges he ran illegal hunts.

An investigation revealed that deer were drugged and selected from pens; sometimes bait was used.

Fenced hunting already is banned in Indiana, but loopholes allowed the hunts to go on. Now, after a grace period, the preserves must shut down at the end of next year's General Assembly, Hupfer said. The session is scheduled to end in March.

The ban includes exotic species such as wild boar, sheep, elk and zebra.

Charlie Fritz, 64, co-owner of Backwoods Preserve in Bremen, said he has used fenced hunting as a primary source of income for several years.

"I'm just trying to make a living," he said. "What I think is fair and what the DNR thinks is fair is two different things."

You know, I'm just thinking that an exotic animal - say, a zebra - who's been snared and drugged in Africa, transported to America in a cage, and then allowed "freedom" only to find itself trapped in a small enclosed area with a gun nut trying to blow its brains out is not going to think anything about the situation is "fair." Advocates of fenced hunting aren't sportsmen. They're bloodthirsty monsters who get their kicks on killing defenseless creatures. Especially when you have to stack the deck against an animal who apparently is smarter than the hunter - or you wouldn't have to close off any chance the critter has for escape...

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DATE: 8/17/2005 01:31:19 PM

I didn't know there was such a thing as fenced hunting until a week ago. Sounds like it exists for people who only like one thing -- killing something. I might think that the people who enjoy this "sport" might be the creatures that need to be kept inside a fence, to keep them away from the rest of us.