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Indiana Legislative Insight strikes again!

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The Indiana Legislative Insight has written another piece about This time, Tracy Elliott is the statehouse star. The article reads:
Indiana Legislative Insight (08/15/05 edition, page 5)

In our last issue, we discussed the potential "outing" of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered elected officials who might vote against GLBT issues . . . and straight lawmakers who profess to be pro-family, oppose gay marriages, yet engage in extra-marital affairs themselves. We framed the issue in terms of these folks being outed by the new "alternative media" - in particular, the rapidly proliferating network of local politically focused blogs in Central Indiana . . . but we did not know that the very night that our front-page piece appeared, that we would see the very phenomenon effectively occur, but not courtesy of blogs, but rather due to a fired-up Member of Congress.

We’ll let Tracy Elliott, posting on one Indianapolis blog,, explain what happened on August 5th (and we have confirmed this account with others): "Outing hypocritical legislators at every level might just get the message across. At Friday's opening event of Black Pride, [U.S. Rep. Julia] Carson said as much. It was amazing, shocking, remarkable, unprecedented, but she said it was time for those on the City-County Council who voted against Prop. 68 and are living closeted gay lives to change their votes or risk the consequences. I wish someone had recorded the speech so her exact words could be relayed to you, but I have to say that in 30 years of political activity at every level, I've never heard anything like it from an elected official. Nearly everyone in the room knew exactly to whom she was referring. I was happy to tell the two people who asked me .... Mrs. Carson is known for that kind of courageous truth-telling. She's right, of course. It's time to remove the gloves .... They started it, it's war, and all's fair."

While it's very flattering to be mentioned twice by a large circulation lobbyist trade paper, I do wish they hadn't described us an Indianapolis political blog. Several of our contributors live outside the Indy area and we're not just about politics. Truth be told, I sometimes wish that we were a little less heavy, a tad more fluff...

My vision for is to allow the readers to see into the personal worlds of some of the state's GLBT community leaders. While it's great to get the political skinny from people who all at least dabble in politics, I'm more interested in knowing some of the factors that will actually make me follow someone. I like to lead, and it's hard for me to follow sometimes. But if I admire and respect someone, I'll follow them to the ends of the Earth. You can only truly admire someone you know well. By glimpsing the inner core of my fellow contributors, I hope they give you something to admire, something to hold on to, a fleshing out of who they are and what they think and why they feel that way.

I'd like to know what music Linda Perdue listens to. I'd like to know what books Randy Studt or Chris Douglas are reading. I'd like to know about Brylo and Seth Kreigh's relatives and pets. I'd like to know what Marla Stevens thinks about area restaurants and where Jeff Newman thinks you can get the best beer. In short, I think I've gathered together a diverse, intelligent group of contributors for I'm proud of them. And I'd like to know more about them - all of them.

Still, this time we were mentioned by name - This can only help grow our readership. The day of Tracy's post was the highest day for unique visitors. The rest of this week hasn't been that bad either... We'll keep growing and getting better. You just keep coming back.

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