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Outing Little Miss Ron.....

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...Reagan, Jr. Fooled ya, didn't I? Hee hee. (That's from a great line in Angels in America). Now that I have your attention: I have always thought outing was evil. As someone who didn't come out until I was 34, I think people should be able to do it in their own time and in their own way. I've counseled lots of closeted men feeling pressure from one source or another that it is a personal decision and no one should have the right to take that decision away from anyone else. Along with that advice, I always tell them that it was the best decision I ever made, there were few negative reactions, and I wish I would have done it much sooner in my life, but it happened when I was ready for it to happen.

I was an active conservative Republican. Although I had no position of power and had no direct influence on social policy at any level, I did work to elect candidates who were against gay rights. As the GOP became increasingly vitriolic and intolerant, I withdrew as an activist, but before that I helped elect legislators on the state and national level who now vote against my interests as a gay man. I regret that, of course, and I am now completely dedicated to use what I learned in 30 years of political activity on the Right to advance the inclusion of the GLBT community toward full rights as American citizens.

So I approach the issue of outing closeted elected officials who vote against the principle of liberty and justice for all with that background (or baggage if you please).

I think it needs to be done. We have had war declared upon us. As we inched toward the achievement of legal equality and social destigmatization, the theocrats sensed that we are a grave threat to their fantasy of returning to the good ole days when women were in the kitchen, Jesus was in the classroom, Ike was in the White House, and fags were in the closet.

We didn't ask for this fight. We asked only for our rights as Americans, and to further the evolution of social institutions like marriage and military service to include same gender-loving people. Both institutions once excluded broad classes of people, exclusions now considered anachronistic errors of justice. We are only asking that America move forward in the centuries-long struggle to include everyone in its promised liberties.

The theocrats are pushing back....hard. If they win, we lose. If they win, we retain all the obligations of American citizenship but lose the corresponding rights and privileges. Perhaps they don't expect us to fight. Perhaps they underestimate our passion, our anger, and the power and influence we already have amassed. Perhaps they really believe that God is on their side and He will smite the Sodomites and turn the liberals into pillars of salt.

It's time they found out that God doesn't hate fags but abhors hypocrites and we're not nancy-girls who won't fight bullies. Outing hypocritical legislators at every level might just get the message across.

At Friday's opening event of Black Pride, Rep. Carson said as much. It was amazing, shocking, remarkable, unprecedented, but she said it was time for those on the City-County Council who voted against Prop. 68 and are living closeted gay lives to change their votes or risk the consequences. I wish someone had recorded the speech so her exact words could be relayed to you, but I have to say that in 30 years of political activity at every level, I've never heard anything like it from an elected official. Nearly everyone in the room knew exactly to whom she was referring. I was happy to tell the two people who asked me.

This sucker -- the City-County councillor -- has not only risked his sorry political ass by lying to his colleagues about how he would vote -- he assured the sponsors he would support Prop. 68 as far back as when Karen Horseman was on the council -- and by angering the GLBT community who knows his little secret, but he's also pissed off Mrs. Carson, with whom he has a long history. Shall we say, it's not nice to fool Mother Nature, and it's stupid to piss off a whole city of Queens. I hear the last gasps of a dying political career, don't you? Of course, he has one more chance to redeem himself when Prop. 68 is taken up again later this year. But, on the other hand, have you ever tried to get a cat back in the bag???

Mrs. Carson is known for that kind of courageous truth-telling. She's right, of course. It's time to remove the gloves. Time to shine the light of truth on this ugly, fascist nastiness. Time to scrape the stink off of hypocrites and reveal what they're really made of.

They started it, it's war, and all's fair.

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DATE: 8/08/2005 10:19:06 PM

The congresswoman was talking about somebody on the council, who voted against Proposition 68, married to someone on the downlow. She certainly seemed to think hypocrisy should be exposed.

AUTHOR: Tracy Elliott

DATE: 8/08/2005 10:27:01 PM

The person to whom she was referring is not married.

AUTHOR: Jerame Davis

DATE: 8/08/2005 11:02:51 PM

The person to whom she was referring is well known to almost all in the community now. He's introduced his partner to others he works with on the council. It's more like an open secret than anything.There should be little handwringing going on when it comes to outing this guy. He's voting against his own interests as well as someone one assumes he loves.I feel confident that it's only a matter of time before the evidence is found and we can start naming names. There is too much dirt out there on these folks for it not to surface. Too many know too much to think otherwise.

AUTHOR: bilerico

DATE: 8/08/2005 11:08:51 PM

Yeah, the councilor is also wanting to go on to higher office. Can we say, "Not voting like THIS, he won't?"And I don't think that exposing the hypocricy of these individuals is worthy of much hand wringing either. Whether they're on the city council or in the legislature, they're going to target themselves.

AUTHOR: Advance Indiana

DATE: 8/08/2005 11:15:53 PM

To Tracy or anyone else present for Julia's speech in front of the Black Pride audience,Did Julia Carson actually name the councilor, or are you inferring from what she said that she referring to "Little Miss Ron" as Tracy calls him?Gary Welsh

AUTHOR: Tracy Elliott

DATE: 8/08/2005 11:20:13 PM

She did not name him.

AUTHOR: Tracy Elliott

DATE: 8/09/2005 12:02:46 AM

I should add that she didn't need to explicitely name him. Anyone knowing the circumstances knows who she meant. When asked about it later she said, "I said just enough." Also, just to clarify, "Little Miss Ron Reagan, Jr." is a quote from Angels in America I was using as a provocative title. It did not refer specifically to anyone else.


DATE: 8/09/2005 06:27:55 AM

It would seem the little lady elected to the Indiana State Senate, Brent Waltz, might also be exposed as a hypocrite for his comments in support of SJR7. But do we know if anyone has spoken to the city councilor in question? (Other than the Congresswoman?)

AUTHOR: Tracy Elliott

DATE: 8/09/2005 08:04:04 AM

My understanding is that a number of people have spoken to the Councillor (did you know that that's how they spell the word downtown for some reason? 2 "l"s) and advised him of the danger of his present course. At the same time, I am told his council colleagues have promised to keep his "secret" safe.

AUTHOR: bilerico

DATE: 8/09/2005 09:19:46 AM

I agree with Linda about Waltz. We really need to find the dirt out on him. Anyone who has information on him should contact me offline immediately. As a freshman Senator, he'd be an easy target to take down - they're not that attached to him yet. :)