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Wiccans 1: Activist Judge 0

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Marion Superior Court Judge Cale Bradford (brother of Republican city-county councilor Jim Bradford) made national news recently with an unorthodox decision involving a divorce decree. The parents are Wiccans, a religion that centers around nature and the earth. Judge Bradford made part of the divorce decree that the parents couldn't expose their child to their religion.

Yesterday the activist judge's ass got handed back to him on a platter by the Indiana Court of Appeals.

Judge Patricia A. Riley, writing on behalf of the three judge appeals court panel, wrote that trial courts can limit parent's authority if it's necessary to prevent endangerment to a child's physical health, or significant impairment of the child's emotional health.

However, Marion Superior Judge Cale Bradford did not determine that was the case, the judges ruled.

Isn't it amazing how these Republicans are always complaining about "activist judges" while wallowing in their own hypocrisy? For even entertaining the thoughts of equal rights for Hoosier GLBT families, a judge can be labeled "liberal" and "biased." For denying fellow Americans the constitutional right to practice their religion, Judge Bradford will probably get an award from Eric Miller or Curt Smith.

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AUTHOR: Jason Humphrey

DATE: 8/18/2005 02:51:03 PM

Activist judge merely means anyone not in agreement with the religious right. Like in the Teri Schiavo case, where a Supreme Court Justice could have indicated that SCOTUS would take the review. They didn't. I'm not sure what district FL is in, or who is the Justice assigned to that district, but Rehnquist could have caused it to be taken. I doubt many would find Rehnquist to be very much the "activist" if active can even be applied to his person, but there we go again... Frist Delay Dobson etc on screen complaining about activism. Where exactly do they get off, and can we speed up to get there?

AUTHOR: Marla R. Stevens

DATE: 8/18/2005 03:23:21 PM

Actually, Jason, the data does find Rehnquist to be quite the activist -- not to the point of Thomas, to be sure, but still far more than average.So Cale Bradford got a unanimous spanking! He might have well have added, "and some of them are my best friends" to his puny, lying, back-pedaling claim about 'having nothing against' us. MoFo just got caught red-handed being an ignorant bigot instead of being thought the hero of the county I imagine he thought would be should anyone notice at all. I imagine, too, that he was shocked that the parents didn't properly slink off in shame -- or seek proper repentence from the nearest skirt-wearing guy in a backwards collar.And don't you just love the Star's headline?! Can you think of ten ways to write it that wouldn't be as biased?In contrast, think about how gracious the father was in 'winning' the case, meaning that he got nothing for his family's suffering months with Bradford's sucky order, just got back to the status quo: "Because of this, I think a lot of education has gone on about religious freedoms."And the Star's careful correction about the diff 'tween Wicca & the Satanists -- as if it would have been an okay ruling had Jones and his ex- been the latter.And I still haven't read anything about the court commissioner who recommended the cuckoo ruling (based on something other than interviewing the parents to see what their actual practices were before deciding that they were harmful to the kid) to the pig-ignorant judge in the first place -- nothing about the commissioner getting sanctioned or barred or, at the very least, sent to a Wiccan re-education camp for six weeks of lessons in the proper color of candle for each of the cross-quarter holidays and the like or community service in creating a public exhibit on the history of religious persecution in the U.S.And the Appeals court that skipped the constitutional question and ruled on the narrowest of individual bases...Well, let's hope that Ken Falk's mild statement, "I think this serves as a reminder that there are areas the state has no business getting involved (in)", proves cautionary.