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GOP aide gets a slap on the wrist

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A former lobbyist for BoseTreacy Associates who ran the Indiana Senate Majority Campaign Committee from January 2001 to November 2003 has been sentenced to a year in jail for defrauding the Republican committee out of $147,000. Bradley R. Hiller was convicted this morning on two counts of fraud for writing himself unauthorized expense checks. The ISMCC's main purpose it to recruit and assist republicans in keeping their majority in the state senate. Hiller also served on the Indiana Election Commission which punishes election law violations. How interesting that the man supposed to be enforcing election law was actually breaking the law...

Why am I not surprised that the campaign to keep republicans in office is embroiled in fraud and deceit? But this sends quite the message doesn't it? If you're a rich politically connected republican and steal $150,000 you'll get a year in prison, but if you're a poor person busted with a small amount of marijuana you'll go to jail for a heck of a lot longer...

A former Republican insider was given a year in prison today after pleading guilty to two felonies in connection with $146,775 in spending he couldn't account for while running the Indiana Senate Republicans' fund-raising committee.

Marion Superior Court Judge Mark Stoner ordered Bradley R. Hiller, 33, to begin serving his sentence immediately.

Hiller, formerly of Mooresville, was placed in handcuffs by a Marion County sheriff's deputy moments after he grabbed a trash can in the court room to throw up.

During sentencing, Stoner said he hopes Hiller's prison term would send a message to the "political culture."

Deputy Prosecutor Rom Byron, who described Hiller as "unrepentant,"said he was pleased with the outcome.

"This was not a momentary lapse in judgment. We're not talking about shoplifting at Wal-Mart," Byron said. "It took three years of constant criminal activity to make this happen. He scoffed at the law."

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AUTHOR: Advance Indiana

DATE: 9/21/2005 10:10:34 PM

Bil,Hiller was prosecuted because Senate President Bob Garton turned him in to the Prosecutor upon learning that he had defrauded the committee. Typically, these crimes get swept under the rug because the employer is too embarrassed to publicly disclose the transgression. The Republican leadership and Republican Prosecutor Carl Brizzi should be credited for seeing to it that justice was done, even as embarrassing as it was to them to disclose it. The dishonest acts of this young, self-indulgent person should not be used to impugn the Senate Republicans--who after all did the right thing in turning Hiller in.Gary

AUTHOR: Interested reader

DATE: 9/22/2005 02:54:45 PM

I also heard that another possible motivation behind the Republican led disclosure is that there may be a somewhat similar prosecution being considered against a democrate... Do you know if there is any truth to this rumor Gary? Also, Bil, I agree that a 1 year sentence seems overly lenient. Perhaps Gary knows what the sentencing guidelines are for this crime...and if Hiller's sentencing included financial restitution along with his jail time?

AUTHOR: bilerico

DATE: 9/22/2005 03:26:02 PM

Gary,That Garton turned Hiller in is irrelevant. Garton simply did what all citizens of the state should do when confronted with an obvious example of a political appointee with his hand in the cookie jar - you slam the lid to the jar! The Republican leadership should not be credited for doing what anyone else would have done when they find someone stealing from them - turn them in to the fuzz!What bothers me about the whole shady deal is that Hiller pled guilty to felony counts and only got a year in jail. This man stole $150,000! As the article says, this isn't the same as shoplifting from Wal-Mart! But the sentencing guidelines apparently stayed as if it were.That the Republicans had nominated a liar and a crook to sit on the election board is also highly ironic. How many elections do they have to steal before the rest of America wises up to the fact that politically nominated crooks (of both persuasions!) are policing our elections?

AUTHOR: Advance Indiana

DATE: 9/22/2005 06:33:19 PM

As I understand it, he has agreed to full restitution, in addition to his 1-year jail sentence and 6 months of work release. Could his sentence have been greater--yes. Is is out of the ordinary for a first time offense--no. I have seen similarly situated people get off without any jail time believe it or not. I suspect that's why he threw up when he learned he was actually going to have to do hard time. Life in prison could be pretty hard on a young, white pretty boy type like he is. When I volunteered as a deputy prosecutor 10 years ago, I was amazed by the number of priors people had committed who had been sentenced for little or no time at all for various convictions--that includes poor minorities. He could jail time because the Republican Prosecutor's office insisted upon it. If you aren't happy with the sentence, blame Judge Stoner, who is a Republican. But I think most defense attorneys would agree that it was a fair sentence under the circumstances. Garton didn't do like all good citizens. I have witnessed many business owners refuse to notify authorities of theft by their employees. I once worked for a company where an employee embezzled about $50,000 and the owner refused to turn him in to the police because he was so embarrassed that it had happened under his management. I had not heard anything about a possible Democrat prosecution.

AUTHOR: Anonymous

DATE: 9/23/2005 07:24:48 PM

Stoner's a Republican?

AUTHOR: Advance Indiana

DATE: 9/24/2005 01:58:40 PM

Actually Stoner is a Democrat-I stand corrected.