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Now THAT'S Fucked Up

Filed By Jerame Davis | September 28, 2005 5:28 PM | comments

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Tags: is a website that bills itself as a place to swap pics of your wives/girlfriends. They're actually equal opportunity - they have forums for boyfriends/husbands too. Funny thing is...They charge you to see the wife/girlfriend pics but not the husband/boyfriend pics. Just one of a bazillion such sites on the Internet.

Enter some US soldiers stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. These boys need their porn. And I really don't begrudge them for their carnal needs. Masturbation is a healthy and natural means of relaxing and destressing. It's also kinda fun. But I digress.

These soldiers in far off lands, of course, didn't have ready access to pics of their own they could swap with the other site members. So the site owner came up with a novel idea: Provide free access to the pay porn to US soldiers who could send a pic proving they were in Iraq.

Well, as you can imagine this didn't turn out well...Seems the deal quickly became a "porn for gore" swap fest and has now drawn some mainstream media attention. (Of course it did - It has not one but two of the key ingredients to high ratings: sex and gore) Seems that the idea of US soldiers pulling a "Lynndie England" in front of charred and smoldering corpses isn't any more favorable than doing so with naked prisoners. Who'd-a thunkit?

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