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What is this world coming to?

Filed By Edward Fox | September 07, 2005 6:51 PM | comments

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Recently Jerry Falwell issued a statement in support of our struggle for the Human Rights Ordinance. (OK, that was not his intent, but that was the effect.) Yesterday California became the first state, without being compelled by a court, to pass a law recognizing the equal rights of gays and lesbians, of everyone, to choose the person they wish to marry. Oddly the Govinator, a socially liberal Republican, says that he thinks that the courts should decide the issue. I assume that he is trying desperately to dodge the buck. For that instinct alone, I think he should be excused forthwith from further public service. He can read the Spanish Prime Minister's speech on the subject if he needs any clarification. His is a very Kennedy stance, socially liberal, unless it threatens to cost him.

I guess I was wrong to think that everyone agreed that our rights should only be established by the courts only when the legislatures were so retrograde that common decency forced them to act. It seems that some, the Govinator for one, think that the courts should make the difficult political decisions. The Right, taking him for a liberal, will say "I told you so."

And now I read that Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan has met with leaders of the Black gay and lesbian community and while he has not yet moved on inclusion in the Millions More Movement, he appologized for using the term "lifestyle": "I said something that you might correct me on and educate me on," he acknowledged, adding "I am anxious to know your mind, your heart, your spirit."

We still have work to do. What we do here in Indiana is important. The California vote is huge, even if Aahnold doesn't sign the bill. (That will creat quite a stir, not least in his social circle--does Maria want never to be invited anywhere, ever again?) But viewed from the national perspective, it is still California. What they do there does not really apply to Mississippi, Arkansas or Alabama. This is Indiana. Whatever we do to advance civil rights is unexpected and thus valuable.

The momentum, the pace of events is breath taking. What will tomorrow bring?

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