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Ding! Dong! This witch is still alive!

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Matthew Tulley has an interesting column in today's Indianapolis Star. He raises the possibilities that state senator Patricia Miller's (R - Indy) "authorized reproduction" bill isn't truly dead. It's just being doggie bagged for later reheating...
Bad ideas often die very hard. But a good thing happened this week: A particularly bad idea died very quickly.

All it took was a day of outrage, a bit of publicity and a little embarrassment for our state.

The publicity, the outrage and the embarrassment stemmed from a proposal by state Sen. Patricia Miller, R-Indianapolis, to bar unmarried people from producing children with the assistance of medical procedures, such as in vitro fertilization and the use of donor eggs.

Along with the proposal's effect on single, gay and lesbian Hoosiers, married couples would have to suffer through "an assessment," and obtain a certificate, before gaining access to donor eggs or sperm.

The proposal reads like "1984." The "assessment" covers things like values, religion, income, personality and physical descriptions, and much more.

Within a few hours, Miller gave up. She withdrew her plan because "the issue has become more complex than anticipated."
So why write about it now?

Here's why. Miller has not ruled out resurrecting the idea when the General Assembly meets in January.

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