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Follow-up: When the HRC Comes to Town

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This is an update to my recent post, "When the HRC Comes to Town" regarding the visit of HRC president Joe Solmonese to Indianapolis and HRC's choice of the Rathskeller as their venue for this event.

I am pleased to bring word that I spoke with Bo Shuff, Associate Field Director covering the Indiana area, today regarding HRC's choice of venue. Mr. Shuff was very gracious; he and HRC heard our voices loud and clear. HRC will be moving this Sunday's meet and greet to a new venue.

Mr. Shuff and HRC will be working with Indiana Equality Region 8 to find a new venue that is close to the Rathskeller, but acceptable to LGBT patrons. HRC was unaware of the strong feelings in the LGBT community generated by the Rathskeller.

Mr. Shuff said he was impressed with our grassroots network here in Indiana. He said he had no idea on Friday when he got the first email that it would turn into a whirlwind by Monday. HRC has been inundated with phone calls and emails. Thank you to everyone who took the time to let HRC know your feelings.

I urge everyone to attend the newly relocated HRC Meet and Greet with Joe Solmonese this coming Sunday. HRC has already signed the contract with the Rathskeller and they will be eating that cost as well as the cost of renting a new facility. A strong show of support from the community would let HRC know that their prompt attention and thoughtful leadership on this issue are appreciated.

As soon as a new venue is announced, we will get the word out quickly. Please keep your calendars clear for Sunday. HRC deserves big kudos for handling this the right way.

Thanks again for making your voices heard.

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I will continue to go to the Rathskeller like all the rest of the so Promienent FAGS!!!

I dare you saying you are the voice of the community when the only thing you do is threaten and beat down people.

They were doing their job as a business and now we have to get permission from ignorant brokedown FAGGOTS like you, I now happily anticipate the AMENDMANT PASSING TO FUCK YOU IGNORANT ASSHOLE UPS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIVES!!!!

Marla Stevens | November 1, 2005 4:36 AM

Is there a reason Leo Meza's comment is here instead of, say, in a category reserved for such, if at all?

It's sexist and homohating, not to mention strange and ignorant unless, of course,
there's been a rash of anti-het or anti-antigay-restauranteur hate crimes taking place in Indiana that I was unaware of.

As for threats, I've not noticed much of those on the part of Bilerico's management, IAN, or IE. I have seen lots of commitments followed through on, however.

Strange that you've gone from struggling middle class advocates for the American worker and for having the law reflect and accommodate the diverse reality of Hoosier families to "prominent fags". Have you come into an inheritance you've only revealed to the wingnuts? Have you won the lottery under assumed names?

I try not to pick on bad grammar when it doesn't completely obfuscate the message so I'll leave that aspect of the second paragraph alone. In the case of the last paragraph, however, the odd grammar in the change of voice may well be making a point the poster is not honest enough to consciously make for himself. "They" becomes "we" tellingly fast, don't you think?

Bil Browning | November 1, 2005 7:08 AM

I find it telling that the only negative reaction also contains lots of all-caps, bad grammar, and spelling errors. Garbage in - garbage out.

Gregg Canary | November 1, 2005 10:20 AM

I wonder how much money HRC is obligated to pay the Rathskeller?

IT's now ok for us to discriminate the Rathskeller, but it's not ok for the Rathskeller to discriminate against us?

I don't think I can support the HRC anymore because something doesnt feel right about this issue.

Thank You and God bless.

My view is, as a business, they should not be asked to make "political statements" on our behalf by refusing potential customers. They were equally willing to host HRC as they were Brian Bosma.

The Rathskellar is not our enenmy. We should exert more effort on those that are.

Leo -

I am the vice president of Indiana Action Network, which is a direct action organization. I am intrigued by your passion, commitment, and loyalty to your beliefs. Feel free to visit our website - - for more information and to make a financial contribution.