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Price Gouging on Fuel

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I drive a diesel pickup truck. Their are many reasons for this, including my live of diesel engines since I was a test driver of military vehicules, years ago, in Nevada. I use the truck to move my stuff and other peoples stuff; the tables and chairs for Indiana Black Pride's festival in the park rode in my truck. It is not the best choice for personal errands and parallel parking, but I cannot afford a fleet of vehicules for every occasion.

I bought the truck about eighteen months ago, on ebay from Texas, and part of my calculation was that diesel fuel cost about twenty to forty cents per gallon less than gasoline. That would amount to around fifteen percent less. Since then, as you are all aware, the cost of filling up has sky rocketted. And at the same time, the relative cost of diesel has gone beserk. A week ago, Speedway was selling diesel for about $1.20 per gallon(that would be roughly fifty percent) more than regular gasoline. Last Saturday, Speedway seemed to be selling diesel for $1.40 more than gasoline. But at truck stops I could, and did, purchase fuel for $2.63, rather than the $3.65 announced by most regular fuel stations.

That is a one dollar drop in a day or across the street.

That cannot be justified by referring to on or more hurricanes, the war, or burgeoning Chineese consumption. I think that the appropriate prosecutor should launch an investigation into the likelihood of price gouging in diesel fuel sales in Indiana in the past month. I would hope that the investigation would look most closely at oil companies and distributors. I hope that the blame will not be foisted off on retailers, unless they are solely to blame. People who know me will tell you that I am slow to jump to such a conclusion or to condemn oil company profits merely because they exist or have gone up. There may be an innocent explaination for this economic development, andbut I would very much like to hear it.

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