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Today is my birthday. For those of you generous and wealthier-than-I-am readers and friends, I offer up my Amazon wishlist. I will graciously accept any late presents that might happen to come my way and if you choose a movie know the gift would be shared by all. (Books, however, will be greedily devoured!)

Also I was sent this joke today as a gift. I thought I'd share it in my birthday post.

Donald Rumsfeld is giving the president his daily briefing.

He concludes by saying:"Yesterday, 3 Brazilian soldiers were killed."

"OH NO!" the President exclaims."That's terrible!"

His staff sits stunned at this display of emotion, nervously watching as the President sits, head in hands.

Finally, the President looks up and asks, "How many is a brazillion?"

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AUTHOR: BloggerJane

DATE: 10/08/2005 03:06:13 AM

Happy Birthday Bill! I couldn't help but check out your wishlist, just out of curiousity. I was impressed by the range of classics and Family Guy dvds. (love them both!)

AUTHOR: Steph Mineart

DATE: 10/08/2005 07:19:55 AM

Happy Birthday!

AUTHOR: Morgan

DATE: 10/08/2005 09:18:13 PM

Happy Birthday! ^_^

AUTHOR: Marla R. Stevens

DATE: 10/09/2005 08:43:22 PM

Happy Belated Birthday!Statistics prove, prove that you've one birthday, one birthday every year. But there are three-hundred-sixty-four UnBirthdays and that is why, precisely why we cheer:A Very Merry UnBirthday To You!