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Pride of Indy Band and Color Guard (and Other Dribblings...)

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Yes...I do exist in the blogsphere, and you can all "spank" me to taking so long to post something (I kinda like that, so it's not exactly like punishment)! 

First of all, congrats to Bil and Jerame for the newly designed site and their patience with me as I fully admit to not being a techno guy. Seems like the new format for entering text and such works better with how my nimble brain operates, so here I go...

Without going into all of the challenges I have experienced since making the transformation from being a Michigander to a "Hoosier" (what ever that means), one thing was sadly missing. A musical outlet.

Having music as a part of my life has always been a priority. Up until May of 2000, when I moved from Detroit area to Indy, I was able to play jazz keyboards for a couple local big bands, and help out the K-12 music programs for several of my college classmates. It provided me with a much needed escape from the rough and tumble world of activism.

Besides playing keyboards, I was heavily involved with other types of instrumental music, playing persussion in HS and college, and oboe in concert band.

By now many of you have heard that John has a wonderful outlet again. It's the newly formed "Pride of Indy Band and Color Guard."

Picture this - Indianapolis, Indy Pride in June 2004...Gary Brackett, President of Indy Pride, Inc. had a dream...he wanted to have a marching band for the 2005 parade. A handful of very dedicated volunteers including Stephen McCoy and Travis Tester (from our local crown jewel - Bands of America), Shelly Snider, and Bree Snyder took Gary's dream and ran with it.

Move forward to Pride 2005. With the assistance of the national organization "The Lesbian and Gay Band Asscociation," 75 members from local bands in 10 states joined about two-dozen local musicians to march down Massachusetts Avenue. From the feedback we have gotten, it was the highlight of this year's parade. The out of town musicians had a great time, were very impressed by our city and the LGBT community.

This city has a great tradition in our fine LGBT vocal ensembles, but for some of us that are not really singers, a key need has now been met. There is nothing like making music to soothe the soul! The great part is our band is truly representative of all of the four letters "LGBT" and our straight allies. Music takes away all of those labels. The band is really about being musicians first and having fun along the way.

Comprised of current band directors, former band directors all the way to folks that haven't picked up an instrument in decades, we have come together to help each other learn and grow. For those of you that have musical leanings - I challenge you to come and join the party! If you don't currently have an instrument, we will be happy to assist you with this. And for those of you that simply want to support the band and meet some great people, there is a seat at the table for you too.

We split the season into marching season and concert season. And YES...for those who remember "band camp" we are even having one of those in December (one summer, at band camp...). Next up is some holiday performances and preparation for an extravaganza for the 2006 Spotlight.

Rehearsals are from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM each Tuesday at the Broadway United Methodist Church, 609 East 29th St. - the home of the Indianapolis Men's and Women's Chouruses.

Finally, for those of you that can't bear the thought of playing again, but have a good used instrument that is collecting dust in your basement, donate it to the band through the Indy Thrift for AIDS store and get a tax write off before the year ends. The store is located at 5226 Keystone Ct. (located at 52nd and Keystone), phone is (317) 255-4146.

If you woudl like more information on the band, please don't hesitate to e-mail me at [email protected].

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Bil Browning | November 1, 2005 3:14 PM

If I knew that it was that easy to get to see your bottom... LOL Glad to have you on board, John!