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Human Rights, nothing else

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Human rights are, just as the name says, the rights of humans; all humans.

Those who argue against Human rights, as did the African American ministers who gathered at the City County Bulding a week ago to publicize their hostility to civil rights, and as do some members of the City County Council, follow in the footsteps of Lester Maddox, Bull Conner, George Wallace, and Orville Faubus. Those men and their supporters quoted the same Bible and made the same arguments in their vain attempt to persuade the American people that discrimination against their Black neighbor was God's will; that segregation was God's judgement on African Americans. They were mean in spirit and they were mean of mind. They are shamed in history exactly as today's bigots will be shamed and their children and their children's children will deny their heritage.

Civil rights are human rights codified into law or ordinance. Proposition 622 is a proposal that the City County Council adopt an ordinance (commonly referred to as the Human Rights Ordinance) that would make changes to the code of the city, specificly: "Chapter 581, Human Relations, Equal Opportunity". That is what this is all about: Human Relations and Equal Opportunity. (Last spring, Proposition 68 offered the same amendments, and was defeated by scared and bigoted councillors.)

But to some poor souls equality is to be feared. Some city county council members are afraid that they will be denied their sacred right to discriminate. Some hate mongers spread the rumor that if the proposition passes churches will no longer be able to discriminate. That is a lie. Churches are exempt under the proposed amendments. Churches will be exactly as free, when the proposition passes, as they are now to exclude and vilify to their heart's content. How, I ask you, can anyone waste time worrying about the so called rights of all Hoosiers to have a job or to find a home for their children, when Giny Cain's right, and that of her allies, to spew ignorance and hate is threatened by the Human Rights Ordinance?

On the one hand we have your neighbors and loved ones who merely want to find work and a place to live; work to support their families and a place to keep their babies from the winter cold and the summer heat. On the other we have city county councillors and ministers of churches who proclaim their right to deny their fellow citizens those rights. That is the debate; that is what the vote will be about; that and nothing else, and you must choose which side you are on. Your vote will be taken down and will mark you forever. Maddox, Conner, Wallace and Faubus were counted and their names live forever in infamy; yours can join them if you so choose.

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your neighbor | December 5, 2005 9:44 PM

You will stand before GOD soon and have to explain your sin. Trying to convince ANYONE here on earth that your lifestyle "choice" is something you are born as, is simply a waste of time, and your believing the devil's lies. Wake up and repent while there is still time.

I think "your neighbor" is confused Ed. ;) Excellent post!