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Indy Star Article on Prop 622

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Today's Indianapolis Star story on Proposition 622 has some interesting tidbits in it. One thing I found very noticeable was how the first two politicos were not only in favor of it - they were Republicans. First you had the city councilor from Ft. Wayne - which already has employment and housing protections in place for GLBT citizens. Notice that he speaks to the message it sends to the state. Let's hope Mitch is listening...

"We thought it was a step along the road and may put pressure on the state to do something," said Fort Wayne Councilman John Crawford, a Republican. "At least it sends a message."

He broke from his party to vote in favor of the Fort Wayne ordinance in 2001 but admits it has had little impact because it carries no threat of penalty. It does allow the city's human rights commission to track complaints and request voluntary mediation.

And then you follow that right up with the other Republican powerhouse. It also speaks to the message our state is sending to the nation. Maybe Mitch will listen to his former advisor - maybe other prominent Republicans will listen and drop the gay baiting tactics that they've used the past few years.
Bill Oesterle, chief executive officer of a referral company called Angie's List, which helps consumers find reliable service companies, thinks the impact of such a law would be positive.

"Building a high-growth business is completely dependent on your ability to attract talented individuals, no matter what their personal lives are," said Oesterle, who managed Mitch Daniels' successful campaign for governor last year. "If we aren't viewed as fair and equitable in Indiana, it makes it harder for me to recruit and retain talent."

Hopefully, this article will allow some of the Republicans on the City-County Council to follow the lead of other moderate Republicans like Scott Keller and Lance Langsford, Republican co-sponsors of Prop 622. I know that a few other councilors want to support this importance update to the Human Rights Ordinance - let's hope this helps ease their fears.

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