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Merry Christmas, damn it!

Filed By Edward Fox | December 23, 2005 11:23 PM | comments

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When I wish someone "Happy Birthday", I usually do on their birthday, not mine. When I wish someone happy holidays, my intent is to express my concern for their happiness. For that reason, I make some effort to find out if they celebrate Christmas before saying "Merry Christmas" there are other possibilities and since my intent is to wish them good things, I cater to them, and their beliefs.

Not so, it would seem, Bill O'Reilly and many of his ilk. To them "Merry Christmas" serves to express their dominance and the second rate status of Jews and others who share the holiday season, but not the particular religious occasion that animates him. He and his friends can find and document many Americans, most in fact, who do not feel particularly offended by his outbursts, or do not have the time to worry about them; but when I wish someone Happy Hanukkah, I want more than mere assurance that I did not provoke them to sue me; I would like to make them happy.

To all my friends and to anyone who reads this, Happy Holidays, in whatever form pleases you most, and a Happy New Year that brings equality for all . . . a little nearer.

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Thank you Ed. I have been enjoying my holiday thus far. And, since I don't know your religious affiliation, if any, may I wish you a "Happy Whatever"!!!! Happiness, good health and best wishes for the New Year!