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City-County Council President Steve Talley has an editorial in today's Indianapolis Star. It explains his change in position on the HRO and ends with, "As president of the City-County Council, it is my duty to ensure city-county laws are in compliance with state and federal laws. Therefore, I will vote yes to support Proposal 622."

Also in today's paper is an article by Brendan O'Shaughnessy entitled "Anti-discrimination ordinance would be plus, business leaders say". It details how the various business leaders in the community have come out in favor of Proposition 622 and dovetails nicely with Matthew Tulley's column from earlier this week, "Republicans better heed businessmen on gay rights".

With all the brouhaha around the HRO, you'd think that more Republicans would be climbing on the bandwagon. The party has told them to vote their conscience, the Chamber of Commerce has come out in support of the proposition, the Indianapolis Star and the Indianapolis Business Journal have both come out in favor of it, and the overwhelming majority of citizen contacts have been in favor of the proposition. Will the Republicans continue to favor discrimination and intolerance? Is this the message that a world-class city sends?

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We can only hope and pray that they see the light. I think they're scared of change. Indianapolis should be moving forward, not backwards. I also believe most people are in favor of this Ordinance. Our city must get into the 21st century and do the right thing.