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We (Don't) Like Ike

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All Those Contemplating Support for Isaac Randolph:

Having provided some support for Isaac for his city county council seat, we are forced now to question "Ike's" integrity and judgement, and to consider opposing both his re-election and any further ambition he may harbor.

  1. In his run for city-county council, "Ike" submitted to the Greater Indianapolis Fairness Alliance (GIFA) a completed survey form in which he expresses clearly that he supports the principle of adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the Human Rights Ordinance (HRO). Scientific polling shows that Indianapolis citizens support such an amendment to the HRO by a margin of 2 to 1 (63% to 30%) and is endorsed now by the Indianapolis Star and the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce. It also reflects written policies by Marion county prosecutor Carl Brizzi, Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson, and Governor Mitch Daniels.
  2. Based on these written and verbal assurances from his campaign, GIFA provided a voter guide to the Indianapolis gay community that indicated Isaac Randolph could be supported for office. This support, unusual for a Republican, was decisive in the slim margin of his election.
  3. As the HRO came up for a first vote earlier this year, and rumors circulated on the council that he had become noncommittal, "Ike" returned none of many phone calls placed to him seeking to elicit his concerns. While he had an opportunity for constructive input on other parts of the amendment, had he any objections beyond the principle of inclusion, he acted on no such opportunities. In the end, he voted not only against the amendment itself, but even against sending it back to committee to be reworked.

While differences of opinion can be understood, taking a clear a position to earn the support and trust of the gay community in his run for office, and then betraying that trust, seems difficult to explain or tolerate in any principled official. Indeed, we regretfully submit that his re-election to his own city-county council seat seems not only endangered, but now entirely unwarranted.

The HRO is now approaching another vote. "Ike" continues to evade questions and phone calls placed to him by concerned constituents. While this reply list may contain names that support such behavior, it is our hope and belief that most - as fair-minded Hoosiers and Republicans - should be as disappointed and appalled as we are.

Endorsing Ike is tantamount to endorsing discrimination - his words notwithstanding. Apparently, Ike will say anything to be elected.

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