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Even Bosma's office is full of darkness

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House Speaker Brian Bosma's office has undergone renovations according to the Indianapolis Star. Apparently Bosma's office has filled up with the darkness that permeates his life. I just keep picturing all of the foul, untruthful and homophobic remarks that he's spewed into the office atmosphere slowly congealing into a black pitch and seeping into the walls of the office... I have to say - at least the problem fits the man.

Indiana House Republicans are known for their fiscal conservatism, but nobody likes black, gooey substances that invade their offices.

Workers have finished renovating House Speaker Brian Bosma's office, which was in need of updated heating and cooling. In fixing that, Republicans found that the air ducts were heavily coated with black gooey stuff.

In addition, the wallpaper was stained and torn, so a complete renovation was done (paid for by taxpayers). The cost was fairly low, estimated to be less than $25,000.

While neither Bosma, an Indianapolis Republican, nor other members of the GOP, like to spend money, they felt they had to act.

Some Republican staff members said the black goo reminded them of the horror movie "The Blob"

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