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The Columbus, Indiana school board is expected to turn down a recent proposal by one member to have all student publications scrutinized by the superintendent. Not only is this a stupid idea just for the extra workload it puts on the super (after all, why pay newspaper/yearbook advisors when the super can do the job?), but the the whole thing smacks of censorship. After all, this was prompted by a high school newspaper article about "the medical and psychological risks of oral sex." My favorite line of the article is the asinine quote that's the end of the article. "Harmful?" An article about risks associated with a popular teenage sex act in a high school newspaper is harmful? Maybe someone should explain teen pregnancy to the shmuck. Now that's harmful.

The School Board member who proposed having all student publications be reviewed by the district superintendent before being printed does not expect it to win approval.

Bartholomew School Corp. board member Russell Barnard drafted the proposal after the Columbus North High School student news magazine in December published a four-page report on the medical and psychological risks of oral sex.


The review process is needed, Barnard said, because materials intended for a high school audience could end up in the hands of younger readers.

"We don't need to make sure these materials are suitable for all audiences, but they must not be harmful," he said.

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Never let it be said that people in my hometown aren't willing to embarrass themselves and the town on a regular basis. Cops drinking & driving, the kerfuffle about nekkid lawn ornaments and now this. It makes me cringe to admit that I'm from there.

Hey-- at least you're not from Connersville.. the only medium sized city in the state that just got flouridated water like last year. Before that it had been denounced as coming from the devil and an insidious plot to brainwash Americans. (And no, it was NOT the dentists of the town who wanted to keep it out.)

Hoosiers never cease to amaze me. Although as a high school teacher, I can see where a topic like oral sex in the school newspaper would raise a ruckus. Maybe they coulda just said-- "it sucks."

Jerame's family is from Columbus and we lived there for a year. I found it to be one of the most stifling and small-minded communities I've ever seen. I'm not surprised that they'd get in an uproar over blowjobs - after all, most of the town wanted Clinton thrown out of office for one! While there are quite a few good souls and organizations in Columbus (The Columbus G/SA, for example) it's not a place I'd ever live again.

Holy cats!

There's an actual GS/A there now (I've been in Indianapolis for much of the past three years)?

I worked at a grocery store on 25th street 'till I got promoted in '03. There are some wonderful people there, but I'd not want to live there again either.