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Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey

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Many people have fond childhood memories of the circus. But unfortunately, this family-friendly entertainment is anything but friendly to animals. Take action today to urge Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey to put a stop to cruelty and cease using wild and exotic animals in its circuses!

While many people associate the circus with "safe, wholesome, family fun," the truth is much darker. Government inspection reports reveal ongoing mistreatment of animals in circuses, as well as failures to provide the basic minimal standards of care required by law. Animals used in circuses have been injured and killed, and have injured and killed humans.

Circus life for animals is unnatural and inhumane. Animals in circuses spend about 11 months of the year traveling. For thousands of hours, over long distances, they may be chained while not performing, transported in vehicles that lack climate control, and forced to stand or lie in their own waste.

The tricks that animals are forced to perform night after night are unnatural and even painful. Standard circus industry practice is to use bullhooks and other objects to poke, prod, strike, shock, and hit animals in order to "train" them - all for a few moments of human amusement.

Elephants, tigers, and other "performing" animals are wild animals. Whether they were captured in their native lands or bred in captivity, and even if they appear docile or at ease around humans, they remain wild at heart. You can help these magnificent animals today - please sign this petition to ask Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey to end the use of animals in their circuses.

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