February 4, 2006

New Bedford Hate Crime Updates

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Robida was last seen driving a green 1999 Pontiac Grand Am with Massachusetts license plates 85E-C58. However, police have asked that all cars fitting that description that are parked where they wouldn't be expected - in a vacant lot unmoved for a day or two, newly appeared in a neighborhood, etc. - be called in for police ID, no matter what the license number. The police will go read the VIN # on the windshield. They asked that you not do this yourself lest the suspect be hiding in the car. Call your local police to ID vehicles matching the suspect's. Call local police and either of the New Bedford police tip numbers for the case for information about Robida (5-foot-6, about 200 pounds, with dark hair), his whereabouts, or the case itself: (508) 961-4584 or 508-991-6320.Read More

Transgender Representations in the Media, 2/7 - Greencastle, IN

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Check out this event coming to Depauw University this Tuesday night. TJ Jourian, a trans man from Michigan State University is going to be speaking on how trans people are represented in the media. Read More

My Pal, God

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At this point, I'm beginning to feel left out, sort of the way you felt in school when everyone else in your class was invited to a party but you. Evidently, there are all these people who are on a...Read More