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Another Response to Ellen's Challenge

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I have never considered a political autobiography before. One might think a political autobiography would somehow reflect a person's development, maturity, and increased consciousness from one's life experiences and would therefore suggest an evolution of some sort in which the political consciousness becomes tempered over time. I don't think so. I find party politics and issue politics almost beyond redemption.

My first wake up call to face the political reality of my early life was in September 1970, the month in which I turned 18 and saw my first draft card--one with my name on it. I was "classified" as 1-A for a year pending the outcome of the first lottery I every knew--the lottery which picked which young men would be drafted and sent to Viet Nam to join the thousands already there to join in the killing or to get killed, in an attempt to preserve some honor, protect our freedom, or serve some military-industrial-political interests. I had an awareness that I was not old enough to vote, yet could be drafted. I became aware that our nation's leaders were willing to throw away the lives of many sons, brothers, and fathers for little or no reason at all. I became aware the abuses such as Watergate were not uncommon, and were used to political advantage to extend the political life and goals of our leaders at the expense of all of the rest of us.

It wasn't until I entered seminary that I claimed my pacifism in any constructive manner.

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