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Now that the legislative session is officially over, let me take a moment to introduce myself as the newest member of the Bilerico blogger group.

By day, I'm the Communications Director for the Indiana Democratic Party. By night, I'm a part-time law student. However, I dislike attending law school, and I can't wait for my sentence, er, tenure there to be over. To pass the time in class and before work, I find myself writing. A lot.

I'm one of three left-leaning people who post about politics on Taking Down Words, and I just recently started writing a column for Brian Howey's political website. In short, I get around. Oh, and for anyone who's concerned about my academic attentiveness, fear not: I have no intention of practicing law.

Anyway, I wound up over here because, like so many lefties living in Indiana, I get pretty frustrated with the right-wing nutballs who think it's okay to discriminate, restrict civil and social rights and generally act like old, straight, Christian, white guys are the only folks whose opinions should count in this great country of ours.

I'll only bore you with a little bit more about myself before I move along to a couple posts I've been itching to write.

I'm an Indy native. I was raised by two left-leaning Republican musicians who've since come to realize that their social beliefs aren't at all in line with those of the party they used to claim. I went to a snotty private school that's probably pretty disappointed that I work for the Democratic Party. I love karaoke, showtunes and scotch. I'm getting married in June. Hee hee. Yay. Pretty princess for a day.

Sorry. Got a little giddy ahead of myself there.

Anyway, I want to use the space Bil has so generously given me to explore some of the hypocrisies inherent in our current social code. I also want to take a look at the hate and fear that seems to drive so much of the right-wing agenda. And finally, I want to have a little fun. (Necessary but somewhat stupid disclaimer: What I write here comes from the heart. I'm approved [of] by no one, and my musings fall outside the scope of my official duties. Whew. Sorry. But it had to be said.)

I promise to keep my posts relevant. And I double-promise never, ever to mention the Indiana Toll Road.

Except for this one time.

Indiana Toll Road.

Dang. Twice.

Okay, that's out of my system. I'm elated to be here. And I look forward to oodles of reading and writing.

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Welcome to bilerico, Jennifer! I'm glad to have you as part of the team of contributors - even if a couple "Toll Roads" worked their way in... :)

Hi Jennifer! I'm Annette Gross and I'm also left-leaning (whoops - I might fall over)! Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading your posts. Over the past few years I've met many more liberals, and it warms my heart, believe me. I'm from New York and a Democratic family. I've lived other places, but this is a very conservative state - whew! I wish I could just shake some of these people. Anyway, I'm glad you're here!

Jerame Davis | March 16, 2006 5:08 AM

Loving that you're here, Jennifer. Can't wait to hear what you have to say that doesn't involve toll roads or more toll roads. *grin*

Jennifer, big fan here. I even comment occasionally on your blog. But I have to ask.....why the trouble and expense of law school if no legal career aspirations. (although I'm all for furthering education on any level, but curious nonetheless)

Jennifer Wagner | March 16, 2006 11:04 AM

Why am I in law school? I lost a bet in a bar.

Actually, I'm interested in the law. I just lack the attention span to do it as a career.

Also, they told me going in that the first year would be hard and kind of boring, but the rest would be fascinating and fun.

That was a lie.

Neither the pace nor the subject matter changes much over the course of three or four years. But you get so far into it that you just can't quit. In this way, I suspect law school is like an addiction to Schedule II narcotics.

I will say this: It's made me think more critically and logically. But I can't see myself lawyering as a career.