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Langsford gets kick in the teeth

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City-County Councilor Lance Langsford (R - Irvington) is battling his own party according to today's Indianapolis Star. Author Matt Tulley continues the column on his blog, Political Junkie (with more quotes from Langsford), and Taking Down Words also has a post up about this.

And I don't think that's quite enough publicity about this.

It seems that the Republican councilor, who supported the Indianapolis Human Rights Ordinance along with fellow Republican Scott Keller, is now having to defend against the backstabbing Marion County party chair, Mike Murphy. Langsford, you see, is not currently filling his seat on the council - he's part of the National Guard and has been deployed to Afghanistan. And while Langsford is gone, Murphy is scheming to throw him out of office.

The clash raises one baffling question: Why are Republicans fighting with a man who has been sent off to war?

Langsford is furious. He is also ready to keep fighting.

"I'm the guy who walked precincts, knocked on doors and spent my own money to get that position," he said. "I would like my wife to continue my legacy by serving that district while I am serving my country."

But some in the GOP see a chance to get rid of an open-minded councilman.

Political parties like blind loyalty, not open minds.

Langsford pointed to the hypocrisy of "flag-waving Republicans" backstabbing him while he's on active duty. He wants GOP Chairman Mike Murphy to demand the party stand by its man in Afghanistan and let the Langsfords finish this term.

Publicly, Murphy half-heartedly agrees. But he has let this issue linger for months.

And so Langsford, serving in Kabul, feels like he has enemies right here in Marion County.

So let me be the first to say that Mike Murphy is a piece of crap if he pushes Lance Langsford out of office while he's overseas fighting for the United States. Murphy, who lists no military experience on his legislative biography, apparently doesn't realize that Langsford is serving at the direction of our Republican president. While he seems to think that homophobia is an American value, patriotism has gone by the way-side.

To deceive your party into fighting against civil rights and civic duty is not leadership. It's despicable. After all the embarrassment that the Marion County GOP has had lately, it's not Langsford that should resign - it's Murphy.

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Godspeed to Indy’s noble RINO. May his thick hide protect him overseas.